How To Reheat Burger and Fries (3 Best Ways)

how to reheat burger and fries
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how to reheat burger and fries

Do you have some leftover burger and fries that you want to eat as if they were fresh off the fryer? Well, if you do, I’ve got some great methods of reheating both those things which can replicate that fresh feeling you’re after, and I’m going to talk about it in today’s post.

Personally, I’m actually a big fan of leftover burgers and fries that are a little cold. They just taste great in their own little way which makes them feel extra tasty at times, especially when you really don’t want to cook up some breakfast and they’re there to save you.

But, I get that everyone doesn’t share that opinion, and sometimes I don’t either. So, for those times, I have a few great methods to reheat burgers and fries that I’ll mention below.

Reheating Burgers and Fries In Minutes

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Now, one thing I want to get out of the way is that it’s much better to reheat both burgers and fries separately rather than together. While the methods are pretty similar for each, it’s better to take things one at a time because that gives you better results. That’s why I’m going to talk about both of them separately too, so there’s no confusion. That said, let’s start with…

Methods For Reheating Burgers

There are 3 different ways to go about this, and each of them are great depending on the situation. For all three of them, though, you should get rid of the toppings on the burgers and place them on a separate dish. Reheating the burger with the topping might not go too well, which is why I recommend doing that. So, with the toppings set aside for now, here are the methods you can use for reheating a burger:

  1. Frying to Reheat

heat patty
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  • Fill up a frying pan with just 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and wait for it to heat up. Then, add the burger patty and cook it evenly across both sides until it starts to noticeably change in color a little. Make sure to flip it regularly during this time so that it doesn’t overheat on one side.
  • Heat up the burger buns in that same pan and give it some time to cook. After a bit of time while moving the bun around, flip it upside down so both sides can cook evenly.
  • With that, both parts of the burger are done heating up, and you can assemble the whole thing back together the way it was using the toppings you set aside earlier. With that, it’ll be hot, tasty, and ready to munch on!
  1. Baking to Reheat

bake burger to heat
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  • Another easy way to go about this is to bake the burger to reheat it. For this, you just neat to put the burger patty and its buns on a baking dish and set it inside the oven.
  • Set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 5-10 minutes, after which it should be ready. If it comes out still a little cold or not crispy enough, you can set it back in for a couple of minutes more and that should get the job done.
  • Once the buns and burger patties are ready to go, you can add the toppings you set aside earlier to the picture and eat it up as good as new!
  1. Microwaving to Reheat

microwaving burger
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  • If you want to be quick and not make a mess, the easiest way to go about things is to just microwave the ingredients of the microwave. For this, just get some parchment paper and assemble the burger together without adding any of the toppings inside. Then, cover it with paper.
  • Once you do all of that, microwave it for 1 minute and it should be enough to get it warm enough for heating. This isn’t really the best way to get a fresh-feeling burger out of your leftovers, but it definitely gets the job done quicker and easier than anything else, which is why I added it here.
  • Now, just like the other two methods, with the buns and burger patty warm, add the toppings to fully join everything together. Then, you can munch down without having to wait for anything else.

Methods for Reheating Fries

Just like the burgers, there are 3 methods for reheating fries as well. Also just like the burgers, these methods are the same and involve the same basic things. But, when it comes to fries, things are just a tiny bit different whether you’re baking, microwaving, or frying. Here’s what those differences are:

  1. Frying to Reheat (Fries)

fry fries
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  • Like you did with the burger, get 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and dump it into a frying pan. Then, add the fries inside once the oil is hot, and cook them until they start to change a bit in color. That’s all there is to reheating french fries in this way!
  1. Baking to Reheat (Fries)

bake fries
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  • Place aluminum foil across a flat baking tray so that the surface is fully covered. Then, spread all your leftover fries across the tray so they aren’t stuck together.
  • Bake these fries at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10-15 minutes. If that time wasn’t enough to get them nice and crisp the way you want, stick them back in for a bit more, as that should definitely do the trick
  1. Microwave to Reheat (Fries)

microwave fries
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  • Again, this is the easiest option when it comes to reheating fries as well. That’s because there’s minimum work involved. You just set the fries spread across a plate with parchment paper on it, and then cover the fries up with paper.
  • With that done, just shove them inside the microwave to reheat for 30 minutes. As mentioned before, this isn’t the way to get the freshest tasting leftovers but it definitely gets the job done if you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to work to enjoy some heated-up leftovers.


All of these are pretty good ways to reheat either burgers and fries. I’ve tried all of them and each has its charm, so feel free to go with any of them depending on what you have on you or what the situation is. Either way, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your heated up leftovers with any of these methods!

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