How To Refill Jo Chef Torch? (Explained)

how to refill jo chef torch
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how to refill jo chef torch

A kitchen is the most important part of every home because that’s where you cook food and store the food. While everyone purchases the big kitchen appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers, there are various kitchen tools that you need to purchase to optimize the cooking experience, and the culinary torch is one of them.

So, if you are using a Jo Chef torch and don’t know how to refill it, we are sharing more details on this topic!

How To Refill Jo Chef Torch?

The Jo Chef torch is basically a butane torch that produces high-temperature flames and is widely used in the kitchen for searing the steaks, browning the soups and casseroles topping, charring the vegetables, and caramelizing the sugars on different desserts.

If you use the torch too much, there are high chances that the butane canister will be emptied pretty quickly. So, if you have a Jo Chef torch and don’t know how to refill it, follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  • First of all, you need to get your hands on a replacement butane canister. Keep in mind that the manufacturers don’t include a canister in the package, and it has to be purchased separately. All in all, just purchase a new butane canister
  • Begin the refill process by turning off the gas flow control and burner and turning the torch upside down – you will be able to see the refill port, so find the refilling nozzle and shake it up to warm everything up
  • Then, add a nozzle to the butane canister and place the filter in the torch’s direction and just hold it. The pressure application will help trigger the fuel flow into the nozzle
  • As a result, the torch will be filled up, but it might take a few minutes

This is all you need to know about refilling the torch. However, before you start the refilling process, you must clean the old butane of the torch because it helps eliminate fuel and air that has accumulated in the torch – it can also damage the torch. For this purpose, you have to bleed the torch by turning off the gas valve and turning it down on the floor. Then, you can insert the screwdriver into the torch’s port and keep pressing until the gas hissing stops.

While you are refilling the canister or a torch, you need to put the container in an upside-down form to avoid the chances of accidental air intake as it can disrupt the butane. In addition to this, you should always refuel your Jo Chef torch in an open space because butane is a flammable gas and can cause accidental ignition during the refill process. In addition, when you are done with the refilling process, let the torch settle in for a few minutes before you use it.

The Bottom Line

Overall, refilling the torch is pretty easy as you can purchase the canister for once and keep refilling the torch whenever it stops producing a flame. However, you need to purchase the butane canister separately and choose a high-quality canister that doesn’t cause damage to the torch.

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