How To Make Enchiladas Not Soggy? (Helpful Guide)

how to make enchiladas not soggy
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how to make enchiladas not soggy

While making enchiladas, you should put extensive focus on managing the sauce. It contributes a great deal towards the final flavor of the recipe. So, if you want to avoid creating a boring dish of enchiladas, it is a good idea to go through different sauce ingredients to choose the perfect fit for your taste. Similarly, seeking help from local experts is also a good idea for users that are new to cooking. 

There have been a few queries regarding how to make enchiladas not soggy. If you’re also stuck in a similar issue and don’t know how to manage the recipe, then the following information might help you maneuver this problem. 

How To Make Enchiladas Not Soggy? 

The only thing that you need to focus on to avoid soggy enchiladas is frying the tortillas beforehand. That way, it will be easier to maintain a firm texture, and they won’t absorb as much moisture to become soggy. So, you shouldn’t try to save time and skip this step. Instead, make sure to fry the tortilla for a few seconds briefly. This small step in the preparation of your dish will have a huge impact on the final outcome. 

To start, you just have to grab corn tortilla for your recipe and add a minimal amount of oil to the pan. Now, you can just put the tortilla on the pan and let it fry for a few seconds. There is no need to let it fry for more than five seconds on a single side and flip it before it is completely cooked. All in all, you just have to fry both sides of the tortillas for five seconds each. Going overboard with the frying process will also create problems with managing the texture. 

Once the tortilla has been fried on both sides, you can easily add in the chicken along with other fillings that you like to add to the dish. Now, even if you use an excessive amount of salsa on the tortillas, it won’t saturate the texture of the pieces. Instead, the tortilla will remain protected with the help of a thin layer of oil on the piece. After you cook the tortilla along with the fillings in the oven, you will notice that the pieces are not soggy, and your enchiladas have the perfect texture. 

With that said, limiting the amount of salsa in your recipe can also impact the sogginess of the enchiladas. So, if you’re using excessive amounts of salsa in your recipe, then that is likely why your enchiladas keep coming out soggy. Slightly decreasing the number of enchiladas in your recipe can have a huge impact on the final texture of the dish. The only thing that you want to avoid is a saturation of the tortilla piece with salsa, and your recipe will come out in perfect shape. 

Both of these methods will help you with managing the sogginess of the enchiladas. So, if you like to use an excessive amount of salsa in the recipe, make sure to go with the frying method. On the other hand, if you prefer tortillas that are not friends, then you will have to limit the use of salsa in your recipe. Hopefully, this will help you better manage the final texture and taste of your dish. 

Would Less Sauce Have a Huge Impact on Enchiladas?

Many people make the mistake of using an excessive amount of sauce for their enchiladas. While increasing the quantity of sauce can help with enhancing the richness of the recipe, it also makes it easier for the tortillas to fall apart. So, you should instead focus on enhancing flavor through the choice of toppings once enchiladas have been cooked in the oven.

With that said, less sauce won’t have a huge impact on the final flavor of your enchiladas. You can make the sauce more concentrated, and that way, you can use less quantity to achieve a similar flavor. All in all, using less sauce is a better option for users that want to maintain the firm texture while also enjoying the neutral flavor of the dish. So, if you’re dealing with soggy enchiladas, just reduce the amount of sauce that you’re using for the tortillas, and everything will become easily manageable. 

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