4 Easy Tips To Make Cookie Dough Less Dry

how to make cookie dough less dry
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how to make cookie dough less dry

While a bit of moisture is liked by most of the people out there in their cookies to get a softer texture on their cookies, there are some who would like a bit of crisp and they prefer their cookies to be a bit less dry. Well, to do that it is pretty obvious that you will need to work on the ingredients, and sometimes you can make it work by controlling the heat in your microwave that you are using to bake the cookies as well. A few tips that will help you make cookies dough less dry and more firm would be:

How To Make Cookie Dough Less Dry?

1. Add Fewer Dry Ingredients

One simple way to make the cookies dough less dry is to add fewer dry ingredients in proportion to the water or any other moisture like milk that you are adding to the cookies and that should be getting the job done for you. While you are doing this, you need to ensure that the proportion of dry ingredients such as flour or sugar should not exceed a specific amount since that will not let the cookies hold together and they have more chances of breaking and be soft at touch. So, just maintain the proportion a bit in terms of moisture and that should do the trick for you.

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2. Add More Water/Milk

The best thing to make your cookies less dry is to add a bit of water or milk according to the recipe of your cookies. That will be making the cookies softer since there are lesser dry ingredients on them and that is simply one of the best things that you can get to ensure that you are getting your cookies softer. Still, you need to be careful to not add too much milk or water to your cookies since that will make them feel a bit wet and off course softer than you would like to have and that is certainly something you wouldn’t like to have on your cookies. Adding just a bit of water should be enough to get them softer than they were before.

3. Bake Them Less

Another easy way to ensure that your cookies don’t end up too dry is to heat them less. That goes for when you are baking your cookies in the microwave and you will certainly need to ensure that you are not baking them at high temperatures or for longer periods. You can achieve this by either reducing the heat or timer on your microwave and that should be perfect for you to ensure that you are getting the cookies that are less dry than the other options and there will hardly be anything that you will have to worry about afterward.

4. Wet Paper Towel

Another cool way to achieve this is to wrap your cookies dough with a wet paper towel before you can bake them and that should be letting you the perfect edge of retaining the moisture in the cookies and making them less dry when baked.

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