3 Ways To Keep Pasta From Sticking Overnight

how to keep pasta from sticking overnight
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how to keep pasta from sticking overnight

Pasta is certainly a delicacy and despite being of Italian origin, it is certainly being enjoyed throughout the world and people simply love to have it. Pasta has not only managed to get great popularity in the restaurants and cafes serving Italian cuisine, but it is certainly become the snack of choice at home as well and people simply love to cook pasta. However, there are certain complications that one must be aware of if they are planning on preparing the pasta and one of them is to keep the pasta from sticking overnight. A few things that will help you out to make sure that it doesn’t stick if kept overnight are:

How to Keep Pasta From Sticking Overnight?

1. Cold Water

Coldwater serves as an excellent way to keep the pasta from sticking overnight. All you will need to do is make sure that you rinse the pasta with lots of cold water right after you are done cooking the pasta and that will certainly be the best thing for you to enjoy a better experience on it. After you have rinsed the pasta with lots and lots of cold water, it will be contracted and will not be sticking around even if you are keeping it overnight.

After you put the pasta through the cold water, you can put it in a plastic container and that will be the perfect thing to help you out through the process and to ensure that you don’t have to worry about pasta sticking together if you plan on storing it overnight either.

2. Airtight Container

Another thing that you need to make sure if you are planning to store the pasta overnight after you have it cooked is to ensure that you are keeping it in an airtight container after you have let it through the cold water. That will be just the perfect thing for you to ensure that the pasta doesn’t stick together due to oxidation and even if the pasta sticks together a bit when stored overnight, it will be easier to separate as well.

3. Oil

Another cool trick that will help you out greatly to make sure that your pasta doesn’t stick if you store it overnight is to put a little cooking oil in the water that you are using for cooking the pasta. It is pretty simple and you don’t need to do much for it.

Adding the oil might leave a bit oily texture to your pasta and that might not be something that you would like to have if oil is not your thing. However, it is proven to make sure that the pasta will stick less if you use a bit of oil and that will be helping you out for sure if you are planning on keeping the pasta overnight after it has been cooked. That will be just the best thing for you to enjoy the right experience for cooking the pasta and storing it overnight without having to worry about it sticking. 

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