How to Heat Canned Beans? (Answered)

How to Heat Canned Beans
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How to Heat Canned Beans

The healthy eaters always have some canned beans lying around the pantry because they are better than those frozen pizzas, right? However, using canned beans is no less than a challenge because you need to follow the right instructions or the beans will go bad. So, if you are wondering, “how to heat canned beans?” we have all the information you need!

How to Heat Canned Beans?

Heating The Canned Beans

When it comes down to heating and cooking the canned beans, it is important that you discard the water or liquid that’s in the can. In addition, if the liquid has a thicker consistency, it is important that you rinse the beans. Many people question the discarding of water/liquid and we have an explanation for that. There are no health or safety issues involved here and it’s suggested not to add the liquid because it can negatively impact the flavor of canned beans. Once you remove the liquid from the can, you can use broth, stock, or water in the beans.

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Now, coming back to the main point, the canned beans need to be heated for a minimum of thirty minutes because this timeframe is needed to ensure the flavors are well-blended. If you have ever made raw beans, you would know that it takes a longer time to cook them. As for the canned beans, they are already cooked which means they require less heating (yes, thirty minutes is less). However, make sure that you always rinse the beans before you heat them as it helps wash away the sodium. Also, there is no difference in taste with different brands of canned beans, so just buy whichever you like and heat them for thirty minutes.

On the other hand, if you want to make a full-fledged meal out of canned beans, you need to add the preparation time on top of the heating time. For instance, you have to take out beans from the can, rinse them, and heat them for thirty minutes. Then, you need ten minutes for preparation and eight minutes for final cooking touches. However, the cooking time is up to ten to fifteen minutes for kidney beans as compared to black beans. When it comes down to heating the canned beans, considering the temperature is also important. In that case, it’s suggested to use medium-low heat and keep the lid on while heating the canned beans. In addition, make sure that you stir or shake the beans frequently.

Cooking The Canned Beans

Now that we have shared enough information on heating the canned beans, we can now move ahead to the cooking part. The canned beans are already cooked with the pressure cooking method, which is why they are likely to have a mild metallic and bland flavor. This is why cooking canned beans are different than cooking raw beans. So, let’s check out the instructions;

  • Always rinse the beans and drain them through cold water. The washing will ensure that the salty and starchy flavors are cleaned away
  • Add them to the pot, add your desired ingredients, and put them on the lid
  • Use medium-low heat and simmer the beans for around ten minutes
  • Then, just use the beans and eat them (if you have to store the beans, use an airtight container and use them within three to four days of refrigeration. As for freezing, the beans can be frozen for up to a month)

Using Canned Beans

With the article above, we have covered everything about heating and cooking canned beans. However, what can you use these canned beans for? If you are clueless, we are sharing some ideas below;

  • If you have chickpeas, you can get some sesame sauce and make hummus while black beans are perfect for making creamy dips
  • You can make a bean toast by blending the beans and spreading them on the toast
  • The canned beans can be used to make a white bean soup of three-bean soups as they are delicious yet nutritious
  • The cooked canned beans can be added to the green salad
  • They can be used for stuffing the tacos or burritos

To summarize, canned beans are convenient and healthy as long as you are using the right techniques. That being said, just heat the canned beans for thirty minutes and you are good to go!

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