How to Get Smoke Out of House After Burning Food (4 Tips)

how to get smoke out of house after burning food
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how to get smoke out of house after burning food

If you are new to cooking, it’s needless to say that there will be some cooking mishaps, and you are likely to burn food during the process. To illustrate, you could just turn your head around, and the food will burn down, causing the home to fill up with smoke. For this reason, if you are considering “how to get smoke out of the house after burning food?” we have the most suitable solutions!

How to Get Smoke Out of House After Burning Food

If you were cooking something and it burned, and the smoke is filling up the home, below are some methods that will help get rid of smoke!

1. Eliminate The Source Of Smoke

When you have burned your favorite food, take the pan off the stovetop rather than panicking because it’s simply useless. Once you take the pan off the stovetop or heat, start scraping out the food. This is because the food is creating smoke, and scraping it off will help eliminate the source of the smoke. In addition, you can simply bag the burned food and put it in the trash can, and save your home from the bad smells.

2. Open The Windows & Doors

This is one of the easiest yet most effective ways of clearing your home from the smoke and the relative burning odors. It’s evident that your kitchen and home will have windows, so it’s time to open them up and let the fresh air in. Moreover, you should open the doors or windows on the opposite sides of the room to ensure proper crossing of air. As a result, the kitchen will be free of smoke.

3. Wet Towel

If your kitchen still has a lot of smoke and opening the windows isn’t helping, there are chances that the smoke is not shifting efficiently. For this purpose, you need to soak the towel in the water and squeeze it up. Once the towel is properly wet and squeezed, you can simply swing it around in the kitchen, where the smoke is more evident. In fact, swing the wet towel in the direction of the window for better outcomes.

4. ACs & Box Fans

In case your kitchen has proper air conditioning, switching it on would be an effective way of ensuring seamless air circulation within the kitchen and your home. On the other hand, if you are using box fans, you can switch them on for creating a vacuum in the room. In the case of the fan, put it in the reverse form on the kitchen’s window ledge, switch it on, and watch the smoke sucking away from the kitchen. Keep in mind that putting the fan in the reverse direction is important to ensure the smoke doesn’t blow within the room.

To summarize, these are some ways of getting smoke out of your home once you have burned the food. On the other hand, the smell will linger in the home for a longer time for which can spray air freshener in your home. In addition to this, you can also sprinkle some fresh lemon juice around the home.

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