2 Solutions On How To Fix Uneven Stove Burners

how to fix uneven stove burners
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How To Fix Uneven Stove Burners

A stove is a critical appliance for every kitchen because that’s what you need to cook your meals every day. However, the entire stove experience is challenged when the stove burners stop working or stop working effectively due to uneven configuration. So, if your stove has uneven stove burners, we are here to share how to fix uneven stove burners to restore the full performance of the stove.

How To Fix Uneven Stove Burners

For fixing the uneven stove burners, it is essential that you level the range by screwing the range’s legs. When the cooking range is leveled at a good level, you can move forward to leveling the stove burners. Keep in mind that leveling of these burners is essential to prevent chances of burning and food spillage. Now that the burners are leveled, let’s see how you can fix the uneven stove burners, such as;

1. Leveling The Cooking 

If you’ve to level the cooking range, you have to the carpenter level ranging from eight inches to ten inches. This level has to be placed on the top, side, and front-to-back in the middle. In addition, you have to screw the legs for lifting up the cooking range, and you can turn the cooking range’s legs out or in for adjustment purposes. Once all four legs of the cooking range are adjusted, make sure it doesn’t wobble or rock. If there is some rocking and wobbling, you have to screw in a short leg.

2. Leveling The Stove Burners

Now that you’ve leveled the cooking range, you have to move forward to the stove burners. This is because the burners could be misplaced or bowed during the cooking range’s leveling. For leveling the burners, you have to understand that every burner is designed with three legs in addition to a connector. In particular, there is a three-legged stool that helps keep the burner in place. Then, you’ve to place your carpenter level on the burner on top of every leg to determine the highest one.

You’ve to remove the burner and take out metal from the highest one with the help of a grinder or a filer. Keep in mind that you’ve to remove extra metal little by little and test the fitting after every passing. In addition, you’ve to ensure that the metal is removed from the leg’s bottom, where it rests on the pan of your burner. Also, you have to keep in mind that these burner stools shouldn’t be mixed because it will impact the heating effectiveness.

Uneven Heating

If you are struggling with uneven heating caused by the uneven burners, there are various other things that you can do, such as;

1. Clogged Burners

In addition to uneven stove burners, you’ve to keep in mind that the burners might be clogged. It is needless to say that spilling is pretty common in cooking, and there will be food sloshing from your pans. All these instances lead to the burning of these food items on the burner, which clogs the burners. For this purpose, you’ve to take off the burners and clean them. We suggest that you soak the burner in hot water to make sure the debris becomes soft as it will be easier to clean. You can use a brush to clean the holes in your burner, and once it’s cleaned, just dry it up and install it back on your stove.

2. Unseated Connections

Another reason could be the unaligned burner connection, which can be caused by mishandling as well as the grime layer. So, when the burners are seated, the prongs won’t be able to make full contact with different electrical elements, and the burner won’t heat up. In this case, you can push the stove burner in the socket, and you could also remove the burner and reinstall it into the burner socket in one motion.

On the other hand, if the connection is dirty, it could be another reason behind uneven heating. We have already talked about the dirty burners, but the spilled food and liquid could reach onto the stove’s connection as well. If this happens to be the case, you’ve to remove the stove’s burner and clean up the prongs. However, don’t forget to disconnect the stove to ensure you are safe.

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