4 Tips On How To Fix Too Much Mayo In Potato Salad

how to fix too much mayo in potato salad
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how to fix too much mayo in potato salad

Potato salad can be a healthy and filling snack while also being a fun appetizer before a bigger meal. It’s easy to make and most people enjoy it. What’s more is that most recipes related to potato salad are easy to follow as well, meaning that there’s not so much work to do.

Despite that, some people might miss out on an ingredient or put too much of it by accident. For example, putting too much mayo in potato salad can ruin the recipe. Luckily, it’s not a permanent mess. You should be able to easily fix it by just following the list of solutions we’ve prepared in this article, so make sure to try them all out to fix your potato salad.

How To Fix Too Much Mayo In Potato Salad

  1. Drain The Mayo

One of the easiest ways that can be used to remove excess mayo from your potato salad is by using a strainer. Remove your potato salad from the bowl you are using and then put it on top of a strainer. Now place a bowl underneath the strainer and wait for all the extra mayo to come off. This process can allow people to remove most of the mayo from their salads and is one of the most reliable solutions for this.

  1. Add Extra Ingredients

Another method that can be used is by adding extra ingredients to your salad. This includes adding in more potatoes, vegetables, and even cheese. Aside from this, you can also sprinkle celery on top of it to give it a nice touch. All of the extra ingredients used will allow you to bulk up your salad and give it a better taste.

  1. Add Salt and Pepper

Other than the steps mentioned above, another thing that you can’t try is adding salt and pepper. This gives your salad a better taste. Additionally, it should also remove some of the excess taste from the mayo you have used. Although, you should mix all of these steps to get better results. Depending on how much mayo you have used, the steps required might vary.

  1. Try Using Greek Mayo

Finally, one last thing that you can do is to use Greek mayo instead of mayonnaise. This is a much better option as way more Greek mayo is required when compared to mayo. This way even if you add too much Greek mayo then it will still be hardly noticeable in your salad. Although, this process can only be done if you have not already made the dish. Considering this, you can try using Greek mayo the next time you want to make potato salad at your home.

       5. Start Over

If nothing else that we’ve mentioned works, you should consider starting over rather than wasting more time looking for a solution. It’s the only thing left to try and it should be easy enough this time around since you can learn from the earlier mistake.

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