How To Fix Runny Whipped Cream In A Can? (Answered)

how to fix runny whipped cream in a can
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how to fix runny whipped cream in a can

Whipped cream is a perfect topping for the majority of desserts because of its luxurious and creamy texture and sweet flavor. It can be whisked into the stuff peak and makes a decadent topping that tends to hold its shape. However, if, by any chance, the whipped cream has lost the stiff texture, let’s see what you can do about it!

How To Fix Runny Whipped Cream In A Can?

When it comes down to the whipped cream, it turns runny when it loses air and deflates. As a result, adding whipped cream to the recipes won’t make the frothy or rich texture.

1. Use Chilled Ingredients

While making the whipped cream, you need to remember that colder ingredients will have a quicker texture transformation. This is the prime reason that people chill the beaters as well as the mixing bowl in a freezer for five to ten minutes before whisking the whipped cream. For this reason, all the ingredients and equipment must be kept cold for it to achieve the right texture. In simpler words, keeping everything cold ensures that whipped cream achieves a thicker volume.

2. Beating

Beating the heavy whipped cream is essential to making whipped cream. However, many people end up overbeating the cream, resulting in a runny and thin texture. Having said that, you must not beat your whipped cream for too long as overbeating can result in curdling, and the whipped cream will fall apart (it will turn runny).

3. Sweetener & Other Ingredients

On top of everything, you must not add too much sweetener to the whipped cream because it prevents the chances of thickening. In addition to this, you should add some gelatin to the whipped cream, and it’s best to use the unflavored form to make sure the texture is stabilized. For those who don’t know, gelatin works as a stabilizer.

Before you use gelatin in whipped cream, you must cool down the gelatin because hot gelatin results in the melting of the whipped cream and create a liquidy texture. On the other hand, if the whipped cream is already runny, you should whisk it with cream of tartar or opt for cold and unflavored gelatin to stabilize the topping.

4. Milk

In case you are making the coconut whipped cream, you must opt for full-fat coconut milk as a higher fat content will improve the texture and stiffness. Keep in mind that coconut whipped cream won’t be as thick as conventional whipped cream. You must use cold ingredients for whisking up the whipped cream but chill down the ingredients in the refrigerator when you have to make coconut whipped cream. Then, just slowly whisk the whipped cream and store the leftover liquid as it can be used in other recipes.

5. Use Powdered Sugar

Another thing that you can try to fix the runny whipped cream is to use powdered sugar. You can opt for the flour sifter to add powdered sugar to the whipped cream rather than using white sugar. This is because the well-sifted powdered sugar tends to be lighter as compared to granulated sugar or liquid sweeteners, which means the cream will be thick, airy, and light.

Also, once you use the chilled beaters and mixing bowls, the whipped cream will have soft peaks. However, be careful about how much sugar you add to ensure it doesn’t over-sweeten the cream.

6. Use Flour Or Corn Starch

It’s not a very popular opinion, but adding flour or corn starch can really help thicken up the texture of whipped cream. The best thing about flour and corn starch is that it’s easier to find, and you will be able to find them in your pantry. In case you are concerned about adding the flour because of flavor changes, there is no need to worry because both of these ingredients are flavorless.

7. Use The Dispenser

When it comes down to using the whipped cream, you need to remember that the right handling of the whipped cream is extremely important to maintain its texture. That being said, you should always use a cream dispenser or charger to make sure they are properly dispensed into the recipes, and the delivery will be perfect. On top of everything, these dispensers are extremely easy to use and won’t break the cream’s texture.

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