How to Fix A Warped Pan? (Answered)

how to fix a warped pan
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how to fix a warped pan

Frying pans are crucial for every kitchen, and they are available in a wide variety of materials. However, these pans are prone to warping because they are used at extremely high temperatures. But again, a warped pan doesn’t work well since it doesn’t sit on the burner properly and gets wobbly. In addition, the heat conduction will be ineffective. So, with this article, we are teaching you how to fix a warped pan!

How to Fix A Warped Pan?

Fixing The Warped Pan – The Steps

When it comes down to frying pans, warping is a serious issue, but it can be fixed. With this section, we are sharing how you can fix the warped pan, such as;

  • First of all, lay down the rag or towel on the flat surface (yes, a kitchen counter is fine, but you can also use floor
  • Place your warped pan with the open side upside in case of convex warping. On the other hand, if the warping is concave, put the pan with the open side in the down direction
  • Take a second rag or towel and put it over the bulged part to secure the surface of the pan
  • Now, take a mallet or hammer and tap the warped area lightly to make sure it reverts back to the original shape. If the warping is intense, you can use a bit of force
  • Check on the other side of the pan and repeat the same steps until warping is all gone
  • Then, take out the rags or towels and put the pan on the flat surface to check the evenness
  • Lastly, just clean the inner side of the pan because the coating can come off with hammering

Why Is My Pan Warping?

The pans are highly likely to warp when the pan is cooled or heated rapidly. In addition, some parts of the fan contract and expand faster than others, resulting in an uneven surface, also known as warping. In addition, warping can happen when you wash an extremely hot pan with cold water. Also, if you use the burner of the wrong size, it could lead to warping.

How To Prevent Warping?

We have already mentioned how you can get rid of warping and what causes warping. However, in the section below, we are sharing some ways to prevent warping, such as;

Using Cold Water For Rinsing

It’s obvious that you want to clean the pans as soon as you are done cleaning. However, if the pans are too hold and you use cold water for cleaning them, it will cause uneven contraction, causing warping. So, before you wash the pan, make sure the pan reaches room temperature. On the contrary, if you want to wash the pan, use lukewarm water to be on the safe side.


It’s needless to say that pans are used at high temperatures, but extreme temperatures can cause warping. For this reason, when you have to start cooking, start with the low flame and gradually increase it. As a result, the pan will be accustomed to the temperature changes and won’t get uneven.

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