3 Tips To Fix A Warped Cooler Lid

how to fix a warped cooler lid
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how to fix a warped cooler lid

The coolers are widely used in households because they offer easier access to cold water at all times. These coolers are designed in metal material, but such materials are susceptible to warping. It’s needless to say that a warped cooler lid doesn’t disturb the performance of the cooler, but it sure looks bad. So, if you want to fix the warped cooler lid, you will find all the important information in this article!

How To Fix A Warped Cooler Lid?

When it comes down to the possibility of fixing the cooler lid, it’s surely possible, but the end results will depend on how badly the lid is warped. This is because the severe warps can be challenging to remove. This is because the coolers are designed with built-in machinery, which tends to create heat, and when exposed to the external environment, the extreme temperature shift will result in warping. All in all, now that your cooler lid is warped, we are here to share the solutions.

It is important to understand that heat is an important element that’s needed to fix the warping. This is because heat is the first thing that causes warping, and it’s the same thing that will fix it. Now, let’s see two solutions that you can try, such;

  • First of all, you can use your heating gun to heat up the cooler lid. This way, you won’t have to take off the cooler lid. Having said that, when the cooler lid is warmed up, use the wooden block to even out the area and make sure the entire surface is evened out
  • Secondly, you can try putting the cooler lid under sunlight to warm it up. Once it is warmed up, try to apply pressure and let the lid flatten out. In addition to this, you can try adding weight to some parts of the part to encourage the lid to return to the original shape

Preventing The Chances Of Warping In Cooler Lid

There are two methods of fixing the warping in the cooler lid that we have already mentioned. However, to make sure it doesn’t happen again, you can try out the preventive measures mentioned in the section below;

1. Use Spray Foam For Insulation

To begin with, you can add the spray foam to the cooler lid, and it will provide insulation. This insulation also ensures that the lid doesn’t get damaged by the extreme shifts in temperature. For this purpose, we suggest that you drill holes in the cooler lid and add the spray form. When the foam starts expanding, it will fill the cavities in the lid, including the uneven areas in the lid caused by warping. To use spray foam for insulation, you should follow these steps;

  • Make sure that you are using the right foam because all of them are different. That’s because some spray forms aren’t great at filling the gaps. In particular, you should opt for closed-cell form because it has better expansion
  • You must use the right size of nozzle for spraying the foam to make sure it is properly ingested into the cavities of the lid
  • Don’t add too much foam because it’s meant to expand, and adding too much will overstuff the lid, which adversely influences the performance
  • In case there is some extra foam, you must scrape it off with your hands or use a knife

2. Use Styrofoam 

The second thing that you can try is to install the Styrofoam board into the cooler lid. It will help add insulation to the cooler. For this purpose, you need to apply glue to the Styrofoam board and stick it to the areas where there is warping (on the internal side of the lid).

3. Opt For Reflectix Insulation

Reflectix insulation is one of the best insulation that you can try. It is basically double-sided insulation with a reflective design. It is made from foil which reflects the heat radiation and air bubbles to prevent the movement of heat into the cooler. So, just get your hands on Reflectix insulation and stick it to the cooler lid.

These are some methods and preventive measures that you can try. However, if you are still unable to fix the warping, hire a plumber to help you out!

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