4 Ways On How To Fix A Popcorn Machine Spinner

how to fix a popcorn machine spinner
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How To Fix A Popcorn Machine Spinner? 

The popcorn machines are a blessing and there are no second thoughts about that for sure. They allow you to just add some corn into it, wait for a few minutes, and have perfectly healthy and delicious snacks ready to be enjoyed any time of the day. Popcorns do make the perfect snack, and you don’t have to worry about much either with these if you have the popcorn machine. Yet, if the spinner is not working, you cannot have those perfectly swollen popcorns and that is not something you would want to have. To go through all such problems, and to fix the spinner, here are a few things to check on.

How To Fix A Popcorn Machine Spinner? 

1. Don’t Overfill

Each popcorn maker has the maximum capacity marked on it and you need to ensure that you are following that to ensure the perfect working of your popcorn maker. If you overfill the machine, it might stop spinning and that will get you half swollen popcorns that you wouldn’t want to have. That is why you will need to always be careful about those levels and ensure that you are not filling the popcorns beyond those levels to have the machine spinning as it should and get the perfect popcorns that pop.

2. Add Some oil

Many people might not know it, but you need to add a bit of oil to the popcorn machine as well. It can be as low as one teaspoon, but cooking oil gets you the right edge of having crispier popcorns and have the salt added in the right manner as well. Yet, too much salt can get the motor stuck, and just adding some oil to the machine should be allowing you to use the popcorn-making machine again perfectly with the spinner working and you will be able to get your snack ready within minutes.

3. Check Fuses

In all popcorn makers, there is a fuse that controls the flow of current to the motor of the spinner and if that fuse is blown for some reason, your spinner will stop working. So, you will need to replace the fuse with a good one of the same ampere rating and that should start the current flow towards your spinner motor again. After replacing the fuse, you can start the popcorn machine again and the spinner will be spinning just fine without causing you any further troubles.

4. Check Motor

Lastly, if nothing so far has worked out for you and you still find yourself stuck with the problem. It would be better for you to make sure that you are getting the motor checked as well. The motor might have gone bad due to some reason and getting that repaired or replaced should be just the thing that you need to make it work for your needs and after you have the motor fixed, you can get your popcorn machine to spin again. Just make sure that you are getting that repaired from an authorized technician to ensure safety and to not have your warranty void.

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