5 Steps To Debone A Split Chicken Breast

how to debone a split chicken breast
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how to debone a split chicken breast

Chicken breast is widely used for different recipes, but people often complain about dry chicken. However, leaving the bone inside improves the chicken’s flavor and keeps it juicy, but people still want boneless chicken breast because of the recipe. So, if you want to know how to debone a split chicken breast, we are sharing the instructions with you!

How To Debone A Split Chicken Breast?

When you debone the split chicken breast, you will have trimmed chicken, you can use chicken tenders, and cut-out bones will help make stock and soups. Not to forget, deboning split chicken breast at home is pretty convenient and economical. For deboning the chicken breast, you need a sharp knife, and the following instructions will ensure that you lose minimal meat. Now, let’s check out the instructions.

Step One

First of all, take out the split chicken breast from the fridge, let it reach room temperature, lay it on the cutting plate. Make sure that the chicken breast is laid down flat and the cutting plate is clean.

Step Two

When the chicken breast is at room temperature, look for the bone later at the bottom side of the chicken, and you will find ribs. There are chances that you will see cartilage, depending on how the chicken breast is cut by the butcher.

Step Three

Now that you’ve identified the ribs, insert the sharp edge of the knife between the meat and ribcage’s bottom. Then, slice away to separate the meat and ribs. Keep in mind that you might need to press the knife against the chicken’s ribs (you will be able to feel ribs through the knife). As a result, you can cut right along the bones rather than wasting the chicken (meat).

Step Four

While you are cutting through the chicken breast, lift it up and pull away from the chicken as you progress. There are chances that there will be a tiny snag at the breast’s top edge, but it’s suggested to cut around this snag. Once you’ve cut around it, just twist and pull, and the bone will be removed in a clean manner. As a result, the chicken breast will be separated from the bone.

Generally, people make the mistake of throwing away the bones, but you can gather them and throw them in the freezer bag. Once you’ve a bag full of spare bones, you can make stock and use it in different recipes to add chicken flavor.

Step Five

Sure, you have cut out the bones but notice the chicken breast and it will be thicker on one edge. This means that chicken breast won’t be cooked properly. This is because that side has an extra meat layer that isn’t attached properly and can be easily cut (this cut is great for cutting chicken tenders). In addition, this cut is suitable for stir-fries and chicken strips. However, if you see some white elastic part, slice it away with a sharp knife and cut out the fatty skin, and you are done!

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