How To Cool Cookies? (Explore Alternatives Here!)

how to cool cookies
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how to cool cookies

Cookies are the perfect snacks, and when made with the right ingredients, they are actually healthy. However, baking cookies isn’t that easy. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cooling the cookies is a sensitive process and can directly impact how the cookies settle. So, if you want the right methods of cooling the cookies, we are sharing the information with you!

How To Cool Cookies?

Cooling the cookies is not as easy as it sounds – you cannot just take them out of the oven and put them on the shelf. When the cookies are in the cookie, a lot of processes happen, but when you take out the cookies from the oven, the proteins and starch shall continue cooking while the water will start evaporating. Simultaneously, the cookies will start cooling down. The cookies will cool down quickly if they are thinner, and the mentioned processes will stop once the cookies are cooled down. In the section below, we are sharing different ways of cooling the cookies and how they impact the structure.

1. Rack

The first method for cooling the cookies is putting them on the rack. Putting the cookies on the rack actually allow airflow around the cookies, which takes away all the heat. It’s safe to say that rack is the easiest and the quickest way of cooling the cookies, but it’s important to mention that air will whisk away the moisture that’s still left in the cookies.

2. Metal Tray

If you don’t have the rack or simply don’t want to use it, you can use the metal trays for cooling them down. In the majority of cases, people use the same metal tray that they used for baking the cookies, so you can do the same. These trays might take time to cool down, so the cooling process will be slow. However, it’s important to outline that using the tray will ensure that the moisture doesn’t evaporate.

3. Wooden Tray

In case you don’t have access to a metal tray, you can opt for a wooden tray. Truth be told, it’s a possibility, but it is not suggested. This is because wooden trays don’t speed up the cooling process and have the capacity of sucking up the moisture (it will result in a soggy base or bottom of the cookies).

4. Glass

Everyone has a glass plate in their kitchen, and if you have a big one, you can use it for cooling down the cookies. If we are being honest, glass doesn’t allow quick heat transfer, which means it can slow down the cooling process. So, if you don’t mind cookies taking an hour or two to cool down, glass plates or trays can be used.

5. Chopsticks

If you are fond of Chinese and have some chopsticks lying around the drawer, you can use them to cool down the cookies. For this purpose, you have to line the chopsticks on the tray and put the cookies on them. This method will allow enough air circulation for cooling down the cookies without making them soggy.

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