5 Steps On How To Clean Zojirushi Rice Cooker

how to clean zojirushi rice cooker
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how to clean zojirushi rice cooker

Rice cookers are widely used by people who like to cook rice but end up with burnt or mushy rice. It’s safe to say that cooking rice is a challenging task as you have to keep in mind the water content and cooking time. On the other hand, if the damage is already done and rice is stuck to the rice cooker, it’s obviously time to clean the rice cooker, but how will you? We are sharing how to clean a Zojirushi rice cooker, so you can read up if you are using a Zojirushi rice cooker!

How To Clean Zojirushi Rice Cooker?

Cleaning The Zojirushi Rice Cooker

If you want to clean the Zojirushi rice cooker and want to follow the correct cleaning instructions, we have mentioned them below. So, make sure that you follow the instructions religiously because these steps will not only clean the rice cooker but retain its appearance. Now, let’s check out the instructions;

  1. First of all, you need to remove food from the rice cooker and put it away. Then, unplug your rice cooker from the wall switch (if the unit allows, you can also unplug the cord from the rice cooker) because the electrical components cannot be submerged in water
  2. Now, wait for the rice cooker to cool down before you start the cleaning process (twenty to thirty minutes are fine for cooling down the rice cooker)
  3. Then, remove the inner pot of your rice cooker and put it in your sink. You need to use dish soap and warm water for soaking the bowl for an hour.
  4. Once the soaking is done, you can use the sponge to clean off the food particles and provide final scrubbing.
  5. Lastly, just use tissue or towel to hand dry the bowl

Once you have cleaned the inner pot of the rice cooker, it’s time to focus on the lid. To begin with, if the rice cooker has a detachable lid, you need to remove it and wash it properly. On the other hand, if the lid is not detachable, you use the sponge to wipe clean the lid (you can soak the sponge in warm water for this purpose). Once cleaned, you can use a towel to dry the lid, and the cleaning process will be completed. As far as machine washing is concerned, you can always check the labeling to see if some parts can be washed in a dishwasher. However, the majority of Zojirushi rice cookers are not dishwasher-safe.

While cleaning the rice cooker, you need to clean the exterior side as well but make sure you don’t use steel wool because it can be abrasive. In addition to this, you must remove the moisture collector as well as a steam vent to clean them, and simple rinsing will be more than fine.

To summarize, when cleaning the Zojirushi rice cooker, make sure that you read the instruction manual once because you need to stick to specific instructions to ensure you don’t void the warranty. If there is still some confusion, you can call customer support!

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