How To Clean Thermador Oven (Easy Guide)

How To Clean Thermador Oven
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How To Clean Thermador Oven

Aside from the performance benefits, you can avoid a multitude of safety issues by cleaning the oven. The excessive amount of grease and debris on the oven can have a huge impact on the cooking performance, and these particles can burn up to create fire in the system. So, you should take some time out of your routine to clean up the oven and remove excess grease from the isolated sections. 

In comparison to the generic units, Thermador ovens are a bit harder to service, and several customers have been struggling to maintain their ovens. So, here are a few steps that you can go through in order to clean the Thermador oven. 

Learning How To Clean Thermador Oven 

As far as the exterior of your Thermador oven is concerned, a quick rinse with a soft cloth and soap solution should be enough. After cleaning the smudges from the oven, you can easily wipe away the solution with a clean cloth, and the glass surface will look present a shiny finish. You can also use any cleaner from the market to aid the process. Now, for the interior of the Thermador oven, follow these steps.

  • To start the cleaning process, you need to let the oven cool down for a few hours if it was used recently. After that, remove all the accessories and the racks inside the oven to continue with the cleaning process. 
  • The racks can be cleaned separately with a warm soap solution, and then you can wipe them dry with a towel. Next, you should check the light bulb covers inside the oven to make sure that fittings are not loose. 
  • At this stage, you can rely on a non-abrasive material to wipe away any loose grease and stains from the inner section of the oven. It is crucial that you stick to a non-abrasive option. Otherwise, the oven surface will get scratched. 
  • Now, you can start the self-cleaning cycle in the oven after making sure that the oven vents are free and there is no debris trapped there. Once the cleaning cycle is over, it will take a while for the oven to cool down. 
  • After the cleaning cycle is over and the oven has cooled down, you can easily wipe away all the extra gunk from the corners and the door seals. You can further use a damp sponge to remove grease from the oven walls. 

The complete instructions on cleaning the Thermador oven are available in the owner’s manual as well. So, if you’re working with an older model that doesn’t offer self-cleaning features, going through the manual instructions will help you get ahead of the servicing requirements. Just make sure to avoid the use of abrasive materials as that will end up damaging the oven. 

The accessories can be cleaned separately with a damp cloth, and the racks should be re-lubricated for optimal performance. However, if you’re out of lubrication, using some oil to cover the sides should improve the current situation. Refer to customer support for more help on cleaning the Thermador oven. 

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