How To Clean Big Green Egg Pizza Stone? (Step By Step)

how to clean big green egg pizza stone
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how to clean big green egg pizza stone

People who use pizza stone once will never go back to oven baking because it makes the perfectly crispy and brown pizza crust. For the same reason, many people have started using pizza stones, and Big Green is a promising brand name for people who want one. However, reaping all these benefits is only possible if the pizza stone is properly cleaned up. So, if you are using the Big Green Egg pizza stone, let’s see how you should be cleaning it!

How To Clean Big Green Egg Pizza Stone?

When baking pizza on the pizza stone, it’s evident that there will be a lot of greases, cheese, and dough. That being said, you need to clean the pizza stone, and it has to be cleaned with as little water as possible. This is because the pizza stone can absorb that water and will result in a soggy crust (or it will be too hard to attain the crispy crust). So, now that we have given you due warning, let’s check out the steps to clean the pizza stone, such as;

  • First of all, you have to collect and put together the required products. In particular, you need dishcloths, baking soda, a silicone-based pan scraper, and a pizza stone brush (you can also use the nylon brush). Now that you have the right products, let’s move to clean
  • Before you start cleaning the pizza stone, make sure that the stone is cooled down. Once it’s cooled down, use the minimal amount of warm water to wet up the stone
  • Use the nylon brush for scrubbing the pizza stone (the brush can be easily bought from the grocery store and is inexpensive)
  • Since pizza stone has the stuck food particle, you can use the silicone-based pan scraper to clean off the pizza stone
  • When the stuck-on food particles are scrubbed off, you need to use a damp dishcloth for cleaning away the leftover crumbs and wiping off the grease
  • As far as the stains are concerned, they are common if you have been using the pizza stone for a long time. Honestly, these stains don’t need to be cleaned. However, if you still want to do something about it, just scrub the baking soda and water paste on the pizza pan and scrub in circular motions. Also, it’s suggested to focus only on stains. Once done, use the damp dishcloth for cleaning away the baking soda
  • Once the cleaning is done, you can clean the cloth, and don’t forget to dry the pizza stone before you bake the next pizza

To summarize, this is the only way you can clean the pizza stone without damaging the surface. Keep in mind that pizza stones are made of porous materials, which means using water will result in a moist surface (it will impact the outcome of pizza – it won’t be crispy). As far as the stains are concerned, they are pretty common, and you don’t have to worry about them. So, try this out and start baking those crispy pizzas!

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