How To Can Peppers Without A Pressure Cooker: 6 Steps

how to can peppers without a pressure cooker
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how to can peppers without a pressure cooker

Who doesn’t love peppers? If you have a home garden where you’re growing bell peppers or jalapeno peppers, you must be tempted to can them for later use. But what if your pressure cooker is broken or damaged. Can you still can peppers? In this article you’ll find how to can pepper without a pressure cooker.

How To Can Peppers Without A Pressure Cooker

Warning: Pressure canning is more effective to kill the botulism potential. Water bath canning peppers mentioned below is a traditional method and NOT a scientifically approved method. Try at your own risk!

Peppers can be easily canned even without using a pressure cooker. You don’t necessarily need to pressure your peppers to store them. Just follow the simple method given below to can peppers without a pressure cooker.

Step#1: What Peppers Should You Be Canning?

The canning process is easy. You need to carefully pick the peppers that you want to can and store. Usually, a little less fresh peppers are preferred for canning. This is because fresh peppers are actively rich in acidic content which can put off the safety line of stored items. It is best if you pick the peppers that are mildly changing their colors from green to pinkish.

Step#2: Get Your Canning Jars Ready!

The next step would be to prepare the canning jars in which you would store your peppers. this is a very important step because George needs to be cleaned and free from all kinds of microorganisms. You need to be extra careful while preparing the jars and lids for canning because if bacteria gets inside, it can ruin all your hard work and those peppers.

To properly sanitize jars, first watch them with clean water and then place them in a pot of boiling water. This will kill all bacterias.

Step#3: Prep the Peppers

The third step would be prepping the peppers. This is very easy. You just need to wash the peppers thoroughly with clean cold water. Now, slice them in small equal pieces. If you are using hot peppers when you should consider removing the seeds out of them.

Step#4: Blister Peel the Peppers

This is an important step because that skin off peppers usually is not meant for eating. Especially after canning it becomes very hard and gross. So, you need to peel off that skin by blistering your peppers.

For blistering, first heat cooking pan and place peppers inside it. Heat them until blisters are formed on the skin of the pepper. now remove them from the pan and cool the peppers down. once cool enough to touch, peel the blistered skin off of peppers.

Step#5: Fill Up The Jars

After peeling off the skins, your peppers are ready to be filled into the jars. After putting peppers inside, pour them over with 5% acidic vinegar. When filling the jars, remember to leave about half an inch headspace at the top so it can be sealed properly.

Step#6: Seal Of The Jars.

Once you have done filling the jars, it’s time to seal them up. Put lids over the jars and add rings to seal them off. Now place all jars in a large pot filled with water. Boil them at high temperatures to seal the jars.

This is how you can pepper without a pressure cooker.

If you are looking for a SAFE method, try PRESSURE CANNING peppers as per the videos below!

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