How Much Salt To Add To Rice? (Explained)

how much salt to add to rice
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how much salt to add to rice

Rice is one of the most simple and straightforward things that you can learn how to prepare, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely easy. In fact, there are actually some rice meals that are very difficult to prepare. If you’re preparing any of these more difficult meals for the first time, you might have a few questions. One of these questions is probably regarding how much salt you need to add to the rice you’re trying to make.

Should You Add Rice to Salt

Before you get into how much salt you need to add, you should learn more about whether or not you should be adding salt to your rice in the first place. While it is a great way to season the rice in some dishes, it isn’t recommended for a few specific ones. This means that there isn’t any specific answer to this question. It’s recommended that you always search up the recipe in advance and make sure that whether or not it is ok to add salt to your rice. Take a look below once you know that it’s safe to add salt to the rice meal you’re cooking up.

How Much Salt Do You Need to Add to Your Rice?

Once again, there’s not a set answer to the question. The amount of salt that you’ll need to add ultimately depends on the meal that you’re cooking. For preparing plain rice, it is recommended that you add about half a tablespoon for every cup of rice that you’re making. Adding anything over this will ultimately result in plain rice that is too salty in taste. This is something that most people will be looking to avoid.

Salt also goes great with basmati rice in a lot of cases. It is recommended that you add some salt before you pour water to the rice inside of the pot or cooker. However, this should be avoided if the meal you’re eating the rice with is quite salty already, as too much salt definitely isn’t healthy. Just a bit over half a tablespoon is enough for a cup of basmati rice, meaning that both basmati and plain rice use almost the same amount of salt during preparations.

Like this, you’ll need to adjust the amount of salt that you add according to the meal and the type of rice itself. You should be able to find out just how much salt you need to add through the recipe of the meal that you’re trying to cook. Make sure that you never go over the recommended amount due to health-related reasons.


As you can see, there’s no specific answer to the question of how much salt you should add to your rice. However, this is nothing to worry about at all. Most recipes will be able to tell you just how much you should be adding, and whether or not you should be adding it at all.

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