How Long To Smoke Snack Sticks?

how long to smoke snack sticks
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how long to smoke snack sticks

Snacking is everyone’s favorite part of the day, and snack sticks are the ultimate guilty pleasure. For the most part, the snack sticks are smoked in the smoker and make delicious snacks for the family. But again, how long to smoke snack sticks to ensure they are well-done and have a crispy texture? In this article, we are sharing the right duration and temperature.

How Long To Smoke Snack Sticks?

The Right Time Duration To Smoke Snack Sticks

When it comes down to the time duration, it is selected depending on the specific temperature that you will be using or have set the smoker at. To illustrate, it takes around six hours to nine hours to smoke these delicious sticks in a smoker. For more accurate information, keep reading, and we will share the details!

Gradual Temperature Adjustment

To begin with, you should smoke the snack sticks at a lower temperature, especially when you are just starting out. However, you need to keep increasing the smoker’s temperature gradually until the smoker’s internal temperature reaches the right temperature level. Keep in mind that a gradual increase in temperature is the right way of smoking the snack sticks. This is because, with a gradual temperature increase, the meat’s temperature will rise slowly.

This slow temperature increase of meat will ensure the snack sticks don’t harden up, and you will be able to enjoy a succulent snack. During the first two hours, the meat will attain the temperature at which bacteria starts dying. In addition to keeping a close eye on the temperature, you can hang these snack sticks at room temperature for an hour. After an hour, you can hang snack sticks in a preheated smoker and wait for them to cook up.

Accurate Temperature Settings

We have already mentioned the importance of temperature but let’s go into details of temperature settings. It’s obvious that you need to preheat the smoker, and it should be done at 130-degrees Fahrenheit. When you place the smoker’s castings into the unit, you need to smoke for one more hour. After this hour, you need to set the smoker’s temperature to 140-degrees Fahrenheit (don’t forget to leave the smoker’s door open). For the next two hours, smoke these sticks at 140-degrees Fahrenheit.

After two hours, you need to set the smoker at 160-degrees Fahrenheit and keep it smoking for two hours. Lastly, increase the temperature to 180-degrees Fahrenheit but not any higher than this. This temperature should be retained until the sticks’ internal temperature reaches your desired level. After this, remove snack sticks from the unit, rinse them in water, and let them hang for 30 minutes (yes, at room temperature).

Snack Stick’s Internal Temperature

As far as the internal temperature of the snack sticks is concerned, the entire process can consume around ten hours. Also, we do want to add that how long it takes to smoke the sticks will depend on the temperature adjustment and which smoker you are using. Coming back to the point, when they reach the desired level, rinse them in water (lukewarm or cold water) and wait for the temperature to drop to 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

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