How Do I Get My NuWave Air Fryer To Stop Beeping?

how do i get my nuwave air fryer to stop beeping
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how do i get my nuwave air fryer to stop beeping

Air fryers are one of the most famous kitchen appliances out there and they are a perfect way of cooking vegetables, chips, and chicken in a healthy way. To get the best results, people choose NuWave as their air fryers are some of the best ones in the market. However, just like other appliances, these air fryers crop up with problems and errors, and one of them is beeping.

How Do I Get My NuWave Air Fryer To Stop Beeping?

1. Take Out The Plug

When you first hear the beeping of your NuWave air fryer, the first trick is unplugging the air fryer. In most cases, unplugging the unit will switch off the air fryer and the beeping will stop. It is suggested to unplug the unit immediately because it prevents the chances of developing severe issues and overworking. Once you have unplugged it, don’t switch it on again immediately because the air fryer needs time to reset itself. That being said, when the air fryer is first plugged off, make it a point to wait for over fifteen minutes.

2. Don’t Use It

If you have already tried unplugging the NuWave air fryer but if it’s still beeping when you turn it on, it is better to stop using the air fryer. This is because such air fryers are at risk of developing a severe issue when it is overworked. So, to prevent this issue of potential damage, make sure that you put aside the air fryer and call NuWave customer support and ask them to have a look at your unit. If the air fryer is in warranty, it will be easier to get a replacement or free repair.

3. Fuse

If you are using the NuWave air fryer that has a fuse, it could be the reason behind the beeping of your air fryer. This is because when the screws are dismantled during the installation of a fuse, the air fryer will beep. However, we suggest that you ask a professional to have a look at the fuse because you need professional help.

4. Fan

The latest versions of NuWave air fryers are designed with an operational fan which can be pretty loud when your air fryer is working. It’s actually one of the most important components because it helps prepare food to perfection. However, when you use the air fryer at a low temperature for a longer time period, the unit will start beeping. So, if you’ve been using it for a long time, your air fryer is only asking for some rest.

5. Error Code

Since your NuWave air fryer has an LED display, it will show the error code. However, when the air fryer shows the error code, it will beep to alert you. So, when the unit starts beeping, check out the LED display and see if there is an error code. If you see an error code, it’s time to fix the error code and the beeping will stop automatically. To solve the error code, you can use the manual of your air fryer.

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