3 Ways To Fix Hotpoint Dishwasher Not Draining

hotpoint dishwasher not draining
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hotpoint dishwasher not draining

There are many different equipment and utensils that you can purchase for your kitchen. These can be used to make your work easier and help you finish it faster. These include having a fridge in your kitchen that can be used to store your edibles. Aside from this, having a dishwasher can be amazing as well. These devices are equipped with tons of features that will not only make washing dishes easier. But these will also save tons of water.

This is because when rinsing dishes with your hands, you have to pour water from time to time. On the other hand, dishwashers will use a specific quantity of water to clean the dishes while also sanitizing them. Hotpoint Dishwashers are one of the most popular choices that you can go for.

These are equipped with amazing features but there are also a few issues that you can run into. Recently some people have been reporting that their Hotpoint Dishwasher is not draining. This can be quite annoying which is why we will be using this article to provide you with some troubleshooting steps.

How to Fix Hotpoint Dishwasher Not Draining?

  1. Check Drain Hose

While having water stuck in your dishwasher can be quite annoying to deal with. You should note that this water not draining is normal. Sometimes stuff can get stuck in the drain hose of your equipment. While some of this is not enough to stop the drainage. Eventually, the items will start to gather up and will end up completely clogging the drain hose. Considering this, the reason why your dishwasher is not draining the water inside it can be due to the drain hose being clogged.

The problem can easily be fixed by simply checking your drain hose and then removing anything that is stuck in it. Although, there are some things that you have to keep in mind and a process to remove the drain hose. Keeping these in mind will help you to avoid most problems. The first step is to switch off your device by removing its power cord. This is just to avoid getting electrocuted.

You can start by removing the plate on your Hotpoint Dishwasher. This is installed using a few screws that have to be removed. The drain hose is inside this which is why it is necessary to take off the backplate. You should store the screws in a safe place so that you do not lose them. The drain hose should be connected directly to your pump on one end and the other should be attached to the sink drain. There should be a second hose near this as well which is known as the recirculation hose.

Check both of these by taking them out and removing any stuff that has gotten stuck in them. You can place something below the hose that will collect all the stuff to avoid getting any spills. You can also run water through the hose to remove any debris that was stuck. Once you have removed all of the blockages, proceed to reconnect both your hose and tighten them up. It is recommended that you try running your dishwasher once to see if it is working fine now. You can then close your backplate and continue using the device.

  1. Check the Pump

If your dishwasher is still giving the same issue then you can move on to testing the pump. Your backplate should already be removed if you followed the steps mentioned above. You should note that there are a total of three parts that hold the pump together. These are the pump itself a wash impeller and drain impeller. These help in pushing water out of the pump to the spray arm and pushing the water towards the drain. Considering this, you can remove these parts to check them.

Some debris can get stuck in these as well which is why you should carefully remove it all. Although, one thing that you should keep in mind is that the pump can sometimes get damaged. If you notice yours be defective then this will have to be replaced. You can order a new pump from Hotpoint and then install it in place of your current pump. This will most likely fix your problem but make sure that you order the right pump. There are tons of options available which is why some users might get confused.

Just search for your exact model to find pumps that are compatible with it. If you are still hesitant then one option is to contact the company. They have a support team that should help you out with selecting a pump. You can also send your device to the repair team to get your pump replaced. They will also run a maintenance check to see if all the other parts are working fine. This option is best for people who are unable to check their devices on their own. Also, this is a much better option instead of breaking your dishwasher trying to fix it.

  1. Other Equipment Might Be Faulty

In most cases, the steps mentioned above are enough to fix your dishwasher. Although, if it is still not working then there might be something else wrong with it. There are tons of parts that can cause this issue if they get damaged. Although, it is quite rare that this happens. Trying to pin these down will take a lot of time and it can still be difficult to find the issue.

Some parts that you can check are the belt, motor, timer, and valves of your dishwasher. Although, if you are still unable to find any issues with these. Then your only option will be to contact the customer support team. We have already mentioned most of the stuff you should know about above.

Considering this, you should be able to get your equipment repaired without much trouble. If you still have the warranty for your dishwasher then use it to get discounts or free replacement on your repairs. The company will also notify you about the problem with your device and its solution before working on it.

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