Cloudy Honey: 3 Possible Reasons

Honey Cloudy
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Honey Cloudy

Honey is one of the best natural sweeteners that you can possibly find out there. It is not only perfectly healthy to be consumed on daily basis, but is also great in terms of taste and you will be enjoying each bit of it for sure, no matter if you are looking to add it to some drinks or food recipe that you might be preparing, or you want to consume it raw.

Honey has a clear texture on it and that makes it smooth, easy to use for multiple beverages and other recipes that you could be preparing. The clear texture is a delight to have, and yet there can sometimes be problems that you have to face. The honey can also get cloudy at times and that is certainly not something you will want to have. If you are feeling that your honey is getting a bit cloudier, here are a few reasons that could be behind it, and you can also get it fixed up easily.

Reasons For Cloudy Honey

1. Crystallization

The most common reason for your honey to get cloudy during storage is its crystallization on it. It happens under lower temperatures and you will face the honey to be getting solid and at times there is sugar-like particles found in the honey as well. This is simply the particles getting collected together and forming the crystal form.

The crystallization is normally found in honey that has high pollen content and is unprocessed. The naturally gathered honey is more likely to be crystallized under low temperature and in storage than the commercially available honey in the market since it is processed to remain in that form for longer periods.

That is why you will need to be careful with the storage conditions and keep the honey in airtight containers to avoid the crystallization as much as possible if you like that smooth rich texture of the honey that you are consuming.

2. Wax

Another reason for you to have cloudiness in your honey could be the wax that might be falling off in the honey, or it can become a part of the honey during the collection process. The wax is generally safe to consume, but it will add a strange, bland taste to the honey that you wouldn’t want to have for sure.

That is why you need to ensure that you are filtering the honey properly when you are collecting and to avoid any wax becoming the part of your honey during the collection process. However, if you are still seeing some signs of wax in the honey after you have bottled it down, you can either filter it each time you use the honey or use a better filter and run the honey again through it. That should be allowing you to clear out any wax from your honey and you will be able to use it without dealing with any of the wax.

3. Sugar Particles

While pure honey is the best you can get, there are some commercially available honey options that are not pure, and there are other ingredients such as sugar added to them to enhance the sweetness and taste of the honey. These sugar particles are bound to crystalize at a point, and then they will make your honey appear cloudier than it should be.

The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen, if you are not fond of crystals in your honey is to get the pure honey even if you are buying it from some store or supermarket and that will help you with most of the issues that come along with the cloudiness.

Is it safe to consume cloudy honey?

As long as there is no contamination, the cloudy honey is perfectly safe to be consumed for any reasons or needs there might be. The crystallized honey or the wax in your honey might be affecting the taste or texture of the honey, but it doesn’t have any effects on the health factor.

The honey is known to never deteriorate or go bad, and that way you can ensure that you are not consuming anything that might have adverse effects on your health.

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