Hollow Edge Knife vs Regular Knife: What’s The Difference?

hollow edge knife vs regular
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hollow edge knife vs regular

The kitchen or any type of cooking is incomplete without competent sets of knives. As long as your cooking skills are concerned, you require a high-end knife to go smooth with your cutting, chopping, and slicing. There are several types of knives that are required to be in your kitchen before anything. The two main types of knives are hollow edge knife and the other is regular edge knife. These two knives serve to perform great functions in your cooking. If you want to know about the difference between the performance, working, and uses of hollow edge knife and regular edge knife, you have landed in the right place. To make things comprehensive for you, we have put together comparing points between hollow edge knife and regular edge knife. Stay with us.

What Is Hollow Edge Knife?

Before we jump to the features of these knives; hollow edge knife and regular edge knife. Let’s first give you a brief introduction to these two.

A hollow edge knife has a cutting blade with hollow indentations that are present near the cutting edge of the knife’s blade. These holes or indentations create air bubbles between the food and the knife. The hollow edged blade knives are not so common in use but they are definitely revolutionizing the way of cutting various busy and loaded kitchens. Chefs from all around the world now have their hands on this unique yet very useful type of knife.

What Is Regular Edge Knife Or Plain Edge Knife?

The plain edge or regular edge knives are the most common types of knives with the finest and plainest edges. They are not serrated or hollowed at all in edges neither do they have any indentations. Regular knives are best used for cutting, slicing, dicing, and chopping. These knives keep the structure and overall texture of your vegetables nice and fine. You usually end up making clean cuts of the meat or the vegetables or anything you are cutting.

Regular knives are quite handy to use and are almost found in all the kitchens. All types of cutting can be done effectively with the plain edged knives although the kitchens these days are becoming more saturated with regular knives.

Hollow Edge Knife vs Regular Knife: What’s The Difference?

The blade is the main component of a knife and its edges describe the uses of the knife actually. Choosing a specific knife depends more on what food you are cutting and what that shape actually requires. This is exactly why you need to examine the recipe and the ingredient before selecting a particular type of knife.

Hollow edge knife and regular edge knife both have a different shape and different uses along with the performance. Let’s study that in detail.

Regular Edge Knife:                                               

Main features and functions of regular edge knife are:

  1. These knife are the most common ones.
  2. Regular edge knives have plain edge with no indentations at all.
  3. These plain edges are used to cut both soft and tough food ingredients such as meats, fruits, cheese, vegetables, etc.
  4. Regular edge knives are mostly used to peel off several ingredients unlike hollow edge knife.
  5. The cuts you get from regular edge knives are clean, smooth, and straight.
  6. They don’t create any mess in your ingredients.

Hollow Edge Knife:

Here are contrasting features of hollow edge knife:

  1. Hollow edge knife has a blade with indentations running throughout the entire length of the blade.
  2. Its blade is also called Granton blade.
  3. The Santoku knife company is the best manufacturer of hollow edge knife.
  4. These knives chop off small foods while keeping away the particles from getting stuck.
  5. The cuts aren’t that straight and clean as regular edge knives.
  6. They are becoming abundant in many kitchens.
  7. Faster cutting is made easier with these knives.

Hollow edge knives facilitate faster cutting motions.

Which One Should You Get?

The uses of regular edge knives aren’t that advanced as compared to hollow edge knives although they are easier to work around several tasks in the kitchen. You can get anyone you want as per your preferences and cutting style.

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