Why Is There A Hole In The Metal Plate Inside Microwave?

hole in metal plate inside microwave
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hole in metal plate inside microwave

With the microwave, you certainly get to enjoy the perfect experience as there are not many complications involved and you can simply cook, bake or even warm the food by just pressing a single button. On the other hand, you might have to go through a number of problems as well that are not easy to be fixed like having a hole in the metal plate inside the oven. There are a number of factors involved behind this, and a few important aspects to keep in mind about this phenomenon are:

Hole In The Metal Plate Inside Microwave:

The Reason

There can be several different reasons that you might have been causing this problem and you can have a hole on a metal plate inside the microwave. To start with that, the main reason is the waves length that your microwave might be generating.

Generally, the wavelength of microwaves inside a typical oven is designed so it cannot penetrate through the metal plate inside your oven and you don’t have to worry about such things. However, if the wavelength changes and it somehow starts affecting the metal plate, that will eventually and up to be causing the hole in your metal plate inside the microwave and that is certainly something alarming for you to experience.

Is it Safe?

No, it is not safe at all, and not only a different wavelength is going to cause you several problems with the food like irregular heating on the food or sometimes it can get worse as well, but these microwaves can also escape the boundaries of your oven at times through that hole or some other place since the wavelength is not the same as it was designed in the first place to be contained. That can not only mess with your Wi-Fi or other systems that are using the microwave but can also be dangerous for the equipment that you are keeping around.

How to Fix?

The best way to get it fixed would be to properly get the issue diagnosed with the manufacturer as they will be properly look into the reasons including the wavelength problems and fix the root cause for this problem. Not only that, but you will also be able to get the metal plate replaced for your microwave with a new one that is going to avoid all such issues for you in the future and your overall experience with the Microwave will be enhanced.

Simply getting another metal plate for your oven is not the solution as it might temporarily fix up the issue for you but you will be getting the problem again shortly since the main reason that caused the issue in the first place is going to be there and you will optimally need to fix that first if you want a permanent solution to this problem. That is why OEM repair should be the only option for you to consider and if that doesn’t work out either, you will need to have a new microwave as it is totally not safe to use a microwave with that problem on it.

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