Hershey Syrup Can vs Hershey Syrup Bottle: What’s The Difference?

hershey syrup can vs bottle
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hershey syrup can vs bottle

Who doesn’t love the Hershey syrup? This chocolate-flavored syrup is an ideal dessert topping. The Hershey syrup is popular among kids and adults alike. This low in calories syrup is used for multiple purposes like topping ice creams, cakes, puddings, and custards. The Hershey syrup has great consistency which makes it easy to decorate cakes and desserts.

You’re not alone if you can’t help it when it comes to late-night cravings. And what can be better than the Hershey’s syrup with a bowl of ice cream after dinner? There are a variety of syrups available in the market but the Hershey syrup is undoubtedly the best. The syrup comes in a can and a bottle as well. Continue reading if you’re having a hard time deciding which option is better.

Hershey Syrup Can vs Hershey Syrup Bottle

Hershey Syrup Can

The Hershey syrup can is used as commonly as the bottle. However, managing them can be slightly difficult as compared to the bottle. One has to use a spoon to take the syrup out of the can and it can get a little messy at times. Unlike the bottle which has a proper nozzle that helps the syrup come out.

The Hershey syrup can take more space in the refrigerator as compared to the bottle. The Hershey’s company advises that you refrigerator the syrup once opened so it leaves you with few options where to place it.

The ingredients in the Hershey syrup can are the same as the ingredients in the Hershey’s syrup bottle. According to the ingredients, the two can be easily interchangeable. However, some users claim that the canned Hershey syrup is thicker in consistency as compared to the bottled syrup.

The total amount of syrup in a can is around 16 Oz or 1-1/2 cups of syrup. If you find yourself struggling with the Hershey’s can, simply shift the syrup to a good bottle. You can easily find a variety of decorating bottles in the market. If you don’t find any, you can always make your pipping bag. Multiple alternatives can make it easier for you to decorate desserts. If the only reason you avoid buying Hershey’s can is that it does not help decorate easily, you can find multiple alternatives.

Hershey Bottle

Most people prefer the Hershey syrup bottle. The upside bottle makes it easy to drip chocolate without making a mess. The slender body is easy to fit in the refrigerator and takes little space. The upside-down nozzle on the bottle is what makes it better than the can. At times when you prefer precise decoration, only the bottle can help you.

The Hershey’s bottle can easily be managed by kids. If you have growing kids at home who love decorating their ice cream bowls then you better get the Hershey syrup bottle. The bottle is user-friendly and helps prevent any kitchen disasters. The upside-down squeeze bottle is like none other available in the market. The easy squeeze makes it easy to push the syrup down. Unlike the Hershey’s syrup can where you have to use a spoon and clean up afterward.

Deciding between the two options can be tough. Since both the bottle and the Hershey’s can are certified products from the company. You can use any of the two options without having to worry too much. The two have the same ingredients so you won’t be compromising on the taste.

More importantly, always look for your convenience. If you can easily get the Hershey’s syrup bottle, good enough. Otherwise, just buy the Hershey’s can. In the end, it’s all about the chocolate syrup.

Concluding Thoughts

The bottle is easy to use as compared to the can.

You can easily decorate cakes and desserts with precision using the bottle

The Hershey’s bottle takes up less space in the refrigerator

The Hershey’s bottle is easy for kids to use.

Once Hershey’s can is open, it is difficult to close it. Unlike the bottle which has an easy-open shut cap.

The can is a better option if you require the syrup in large quantities.

Whatever option you choose, either way, you get to enjoy some great chocolate syrup.  Once opened, make sure to refrigerate the bottle as well as the can.

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