6 Common Hawkins Pressure Cooker Problems (Troubleshooting)

hawkins pressure cooker problems
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hawkins pressure cooker problems

Revolutionized cooking, pressure cooking has replaced other types of conventional cooking because of how fast and efficient they are. These premium kitchen appliances, pressure cookers provide great assistance for the housewives as they don’t have to hassle for cooking. In short, pressure cookers makes your cooking experience nice and smooth. HAWKINS is a renowned brand of high-quality and reliable pressure cookers. People from generations have used HAWKINS kitchen appliances and they proved to be of extremely high quality and high performance. Although, some users still seem to have persistent and stubborn problems with their HAWKINS pressure cookers.

The pressure cooker is a blessing in disguise. If they stop performing well and giving us piping hot food, then there is no use of it. A malfunctioned pressure cooker seems to have troubles. We will walk you through some of the common problems with HAWKINS pressure cookers and their solutions. Read on.

Hawkins Pressure Cooker Problems

No doubt, HAWKINS is a reliable and trusted brand. Many people have been using their top-notch appliances for years. 

But few problems are unavoidable with pressure cookers. Luckily, there are so many solutions for them so don’t worry if you face any issues.

Here are some common HAWKINS pressure cooker problems that need your immediate solution.

Problem 1: My Pressure Cooker Isn’t Building Up Enough Pressure

When your pressure cooker stops building up an adequate amount of pressure then it is impossible that you will have food cooked on time. Inadequate pressure doesn’t support timely cooking. Make sure to check the pressure valve and gasket.

Inspect pressure valves if there is any food particle left. Also, check if the gasket isn’t damaged and working fine. Have them replaced if you see even a minor damage.

Problem 2: Pressure Cooker Gasket Is Damaged

A damaged or torn out gasket doesn’t let the pressure build up increase. As a result, your cooker doesn’t have enough pressure to prepare food.

As soon as you see zero pressure build up in cooker, look for the gaskets. If they appear damaged, replace them by contacting HAWKINS. They will assist you.

Problem 3: Steam Leakage

To some extent, steam escaping the pressure cooker is fine. However, when the steam doesn’t stop to leak, then you have got a problem here.

Inspect the gasket and check if it has dirty stains and marks. Also, the rim of the gasket should be stain-free too.

If you see any food residues or debris in the gasket and its rim, clean it with cold water and then put up the gasket again on the pressure cooker. If it still doesn’t work out, then have your gasket replaced with a new one.

Problem 4: Excessive Escaping Of Vapors

Another issue you want to get rid of is your HAWKINS pressure cooker giving you uncooked and insufficiently cooked food.

When there is some particle or debris stuck in the vent pipe of your pressure cooker, the vapors don’t stop escaping from the cooker. This is one operational issue that needs your quick attention.

Thoroughly go through the vent pipe and eliminate the food particle if there is any. Tap it so the debris comes out. Make sure you check the vent pipe from time to time so this problem doesn’t happen next time.

Problem 5: The Lid Is Not Coming Off

Pressure cooker having troubles coming off is another issue every other HAWKINS pressure cooker users face. Even when you have turned off the appliance, the lid won’t come off. The lid gets usually jammed when too much internal pressure is built inside the pressure cooker. Try to pour some hot water over the lid after turning the pressure cooker off.

If this doesn’t help, take away the pressure valves to release the excessive pressure and let the appliance cool down.

Problem 6: Pressure Cooker Isn’t Whistling

Whistling is an important notifying feature that indicates that your food is cooked. If your pressure cooker doesn’t whistle, make sure you have fitted the lid well and there is no damage that occurred to the gasket.

Always try to keep your HAWKINS pressure cooker clean, so you don’t face such problems intermittently.

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