Hawkins Pressure Cooker Not Whistling: 6 Ways To Fix

hawkins pressure cooker not whistling
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hawkins pressure cooker not whistling

The Hawkins pressure cookers are the classic kitchen equipment out there. It’s safe to say that pressure cookers help cook tasty meals and nutritious food in a fraction of time. The manual pressure cookers have a symbolic whistling. However, Hawkins pressure cooker not whistling adversely influences the cooking performance. So, let’s check out the troubleshooting methods!

Hawkins Pressure Cooker Not Whistling

1) Gasket

To begin with, when the pressure cooker doesn’t whistle, your first instinct should be checking the gasket. There are various issues with the gasket. First of all, if the gasket is worn out, it will not fit properly in the lid and will lead to whistling. In addition, the gaskets tend to expand with extreme heat. For this purpose, you need to soak the gasket in the cold water and it will resolve the expansion issue. Once the gasket is in optimal condition, it will settle in the lid properly. As a result, the whistling will stop.

2) Lid

When the lid isn’t positioned correctly in the pressure cooker, the pressure cooker will whistle. With this being said, you need to properly position the lid and make sure it’s locked securely. There are various locks on the edges of the Hawkins pressure cooker and the lid. These locks must be locked in properly for proper positioning of the lid. Once the lid is locked and positioned properly, the whistling will stop.

This is because when the lid is positioned improperly, it will lead to heat leaks, and the pressure buildup will be impacted. As a result, the Hawkins pressure cooker will keep whistling. However, before you fix the lid, make sure that you cool down the pressure cooker and position the lid then.

3) Pressure Valve

Believe it or not, the whistling issue will incur because of the dirty or clogged pressure valve. For this purpose, you will need to take off the lid of the Hawkins pressure cooker and clean the pressure valve. It’s best to invest in the cleaning kit because it has a tool for clearing the lodging. So, clean up the pressure valve and it will resolve the whistling issue.

4) Handles

When your Hawkins pressure cooker won’t stop whistling, believe it or not, handles will make a great difference. Generally, the pressure cooker handles tend to loosen up with time and leads to whistling issue. With this being said, you need to take matters into your own home and screw in the handle tightly. As a result, the whistling will stop.

5) Locking System

The Hawkins pressure cooker is designed with a locking mechanism because it ensures optimal pressure buildup. If the locking system is faulty in the lid, the fitting will be ineffective and the steam development will be ineffective. For this purpose, you must turn off the heat, remove the lid, and put the locking system in place.

6) Valve Position

When the pressure valve doesn’t fit properly, it prevents the pressure buildup, hence the whistling issue. For fixing this issue, you need to clean the valve first and replace it if it’s worn out. We suggest using the manual for checking the correct pressure valve positioning.

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