Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Lid Shattered (5 Things To Consider)

hamilton beach slow cooker lid shattered
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hamilton beach slow cooker lid shattered

When it comes down to kitchenware, you will come across multiple brands, and Hamilton is one of them. Similarly, if you cannot stand by the stove for a long time, slow cookers are the ultimate solutions for you. So, if you are using the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker, we are pretty sure that you are having a good time. On the other hand, if you are struggling with the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker lid shattered issue, we have got some things you must know. So, let’s start!

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Lid Shattered

1) Washing

When you are done cooking, and now you have to clean the slow cooker and lid, we are sure that you would be in a hurry to wash off everything. However, if the lid is too hot and you use cold water to wash it, it’s going to shatter down in your hands. So, before washing the lid, let it cool down to room temperature. In some cases, the continuous wrong washing technique will impact the lid quality; hence the chances of shattering will increase. This is because the microfractures can be caused by sudden temperature variations, which can impact the lid quality.

2) Lid Quality

When it comes down to the slow cooker, their lids are usually made with the regular glass. The regular glass has a higher chance of breaking even with small mishandling. With this being said, you need to use the lid that’s made with high-end material, such as pyrex, because it promises higher quality and lower chances of breakage.

3) Clamping

For people who are using the slow cookers and want to make sure the lid doesn’t shatter, make sure that you don’t clamp down the lid. This is because clamping will transform the slow cooker into a pressure cooker. Well, a pressure cooker creates heavy pressure, and the slow cooker lids aren’t designed to serve such pressure. So, just don’t clamp the lid. It is even suggested to use the slow cooker lid that has a hole in the top. This hole will keep passing out excessive heat and steam for proper discharging, promising lower shattering chances.

4) Material

The regular glass lids have a higher chance of breaking down. On the other hand, it is advised that you use the pyrex material because it is much sturdier. In case you don’t want to use the glass material, you can opt for plastic lids because they are hardly going to shatter or break.

Similarly, it would help if you didn’t go for the thermal glass because it’s made with a combination of two different glass kinds. With this being said, the thermal glass has incapable of mixing with unequal glass kind proportions. So, this change in proportion can lead to uneven construction, hence the higher chances of breakage.

5) Replace It

Well, if the damage has already been done, it is suggested to call Hamilton Beach and ask them to replace the lid for you. Besides, if you bought the slow cooker from Walmart, they will offer a replacement or spare lid as well.

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