3 Common Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker Problems (Troubleshooting)

hamilton beach pizza maker problems
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hamilton beach pizza maker problems

Hamilton Beach is a very old and trusted brand that many have likely heard of a few times before, especially if they’re enthusiastic about shopping for kitchen appliances. They have been around for over 110 years and are still going strong even today.

As time has gone on, the interests of the brand have certainly changed as well. One thing that the different interests have always had in common is that they were always about home appliances, especially those which are meant to be used in the kitchen specifically. Many years after its founding, this is the same.

Nowadays, one of the home appliances offered by Hamilton Beach is the pizza maker. This modern device is something that it pretty obvious when you read its name- something used to make pizza. The ones offered by this company are great in their own unique way, but they also come with their own set of issues.

Hamilton Beach pizza maker problems, just like pizza maker problems in general regardless of brand, are inevitable. There are a few which users are sure to face sooner or later, and the ones which they face most commonly are listed below.

Most Common Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker Problems

  1. Heating Element Issues

Heating elements are known to be a part of any oven like appliance, and this is very much the case for pizza makers too. These elements are the ones responsible for navigating heat inside the pizza maker, and issues with them likely mean a lot of trouble.

Regardless, there isn’t too much trouble in a literal sense. Solutions for this specific scenario are very easy. All users have to do is grab some tools to get to the heating element to check if it even is at fault. In the likely case that it is, just replace it with an identical one and the issue will be fixed.

  1. Baking Pan Won’t Turn

Anyone that has used Hamilton Beach pizza makers at least once before are surely familiar with the spin feature. The baking pan inside of the appliance can spin at the will of users, which allows the pizza or whatever other food is being baked inside to receive heat evenly throughout every side.

It is a very helpful feature that lets the pizza cook as efficiently as possible. But it’s of no use at all if the baking pan won’t turn, since the feature won’t work at all and there won’t be any point in using it.

Issues with the baking pans not turning are common in devices such as these, and we’re here to offer the best solutions for the issue. The problem isn’t too serious in this regard, since there are a couple of different solutions and they’re all pretty easy to try out.

The first thing to do is inspecting the baking pan and the area around it. Make sure it’s seated properly and nothing is blocking it from moving. Once that is done, we recommend moving on to the motor beneath it which lets it spin in the first place. If it’s damaged, try to get it repaired or replaced and the problem will be fixed.

  1. Baking Pan Turns but Doesn’t Cook

For some Hamilton pizza maker owners, the baking pan turns completely fine. However, despite this being the case, the pizza maker itself won’t do anything to the food on top of the baking pan, not cooking it regardless of the specific setting that users are using.

The first thing to do in this case before hunting for specific solutions is checking out the previously mentioned settings. It could be that the temperature control wasn’t set up properly, or that there was something else wrong with said settings.

Once you’ve confirmed that the problem isn’t on your part, we recommend moving on to inspecting certain parts of the pizza maker itself. There are components inside which might be damaged, or there might be something wrong with the appliance in general.

There are too many possibilities for us to discuss in detail, which is why we simply recommend getting an expert to take a look for you. They’ll be able to identify what’s wrong with ease when they inspect it from up close.

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