Grilling vs Broiling: What’s The Difference?

grilling vs broiling
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grilling vs broiling

If you are someone who likes to cook meat, you must have been confused between grilling vs broiling. This is because these two cooking methods are commonly used for cooking meat, but there are so many differences to consider. So, with this article, we are sharing more information on these cooking methods!

Grilling vs Broiling


Broiling is defined as the cooking method that cooks food by exposing it to heat. In fact, it works with direct and radiant heat. Broiling is done on different cooking devices, such as gas burners, electric coils, grills, and live coal cooking. With broiling, food is turned around to cook one side at a time. As far as the temperature is concerned, broiling is done at higher temperatures, ranging from 550-degrees Fahrenheit to over 1000-degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the broiler’s size.

Broiling is a suitable cooking method for red meats, fowl, and fish meat. In fact, you can broil steaks over the coals. In simpler words, broiling works by heat source from the above. As far as broiling is concerned, the users need to preheat the oven, but they can also preheat the broiling pan to ensure seamless searing. Even with the high temperature, you might have to wait longer for the food to cook up properly. However, you have to be considerate about the smoke.

For preventing and reducing the smoke, it is suggested that you trim excessive fats from the meat and don’t use oil in marinades. Keep in mind that a special pan (broiler pan) is needed to cook food with the broiling technique because it’s important to contain the drippings and juices. The best thing about broiling is that you can do it insides and don’t have to wait for the weather to become springy, unlike grilling. Broiling is also a promising choice if you don’t like the smoky flavor of the food. On the other hand, you have to remember that you cannot sear food with broiling and only a direct heating option is available.


This is another cooking technique that utilizes dry heat to cook the food. The dry heat is applied to the food surface from sides, bottom, and above. It uses a sufficient amount of radiant and indirect or direct heat and makes a promising choice for cooking vegetables as well as meat. With grilling, the cast iron pan or grill pans are used for cooking food (if you don’t know what a grill pan is, it is a simple plan with raised edges that copy the wires of the open grill).

With grilling, heat is transferred to the food through the thermal radiation process. With direct grilling, the food is exposed to temperatures ranging up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. When you cook meat with the grilling method, it will have a unique flavor and roasted aroma. However, we suggest that you marinate the vegetables and meats before you grill them. With grilling, you need to preheat the oven or machine. Keep in mind that you have to be keen about keeping an eye on the food to prevent burning.

If you are someone who is concerned about the smoke, outdoor grilling will be the right choice, and you don’t need any additional pans and sheets to cook food with grilling. It is the perfect choice for people who want that smoky flavor in their meals. Not to forget, it can sear food to perfection since it has more heat, and you won’t have to struggle with dry food and loaded juices and flavors. In addition, it gives you the option to use direct or indirect heating.

Similarities Between Grilling & Broiling

We have discussed every significant difference between these two cooking methods. However, there are some similarities, and we are sharing the details below;

  • Both grilling and broiling can create smoke (sure, grilling diffuses the smoke, but it still creates smoke). To reduce the smoke, it is suggested that you reduce the fat content
  • The flare-ups are common in both cooking methods, so make sure you pay attention to food. To ensure you are properly equipped to handle the flare-up, have some baking soda around
  • Preheating is another similarity because both these cooking methods demand preheating. Preheating is actually important to yield properly and evenly cooked food
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