3 Best Substitutes For Golden Mountain Sauce

golden mountain sauce substitutes
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golden mountain sauce substitutes

Golden mountain sauce has the most delicious and mouth-watering flavor. It contains soy protein that enhances its nutritional value. Golden mountain sauce has its own distinctive aroma which is not present in any other sauce. This sauce is a secret weapon in Thai Food recipes. Golden mountain seasoning sauce act as a cooking staple that contributes unique Thai flavor to stir-fries and other recipes. However, if you can’t get your hands on this tasty sauce, carry on reading.

Golden Mountain is a famous Thai seasoning sauce containing fermented soybeans, sugar, salt, and flavor enhancers. The taste of this salt is saltier than regular Thai soy sauce. Golden mountain sauce has a deeper taste and contains a hint of sweetness which is mainly due to the presence of sugar.

Golden mountain sauce is free from monosodium glutamate (MSG). The manufacturers of Golden mountain sauce do add preservatives to enhance the flavor of this sauce. These flavor enhancers resemble MSG, but they do not have negative effects.

Golden mountain seasoning sauce gives a delicious taste to dishes. It is part of Thai stir-fry recipes that incorporate tomatoes, herbs, and lemongrass in them such as Thai basil pork, Thai chicken stir-fry, Classic Thai basil chicken, etc.

Golden Mountain Sauce Substitutes

If you do not want to use Golden mountain sauce in cooking then the best substitutes that can replace it are soy sauce, Maggi seasoning, and tamari sauce.

1) Maggi Seasoning

The basic function of Maggi seasoning is to enhance the food flavor. It is used as a condiment to enhance the flavor of food. Golden mountain syrup is interchangeable with Maggi seasoning. Maggi is a great Golden mountain sauce substitute in dishes such as stir-fries, soups, etc.

Few drops of Maggi seasoning sauce to soups or stews are enough to give them a distinct flavor. It has a beloved global reach and can make the meat taste meatier and flavorful.

You can add Maggi seasoning to a variety of dishes like meat patties, casseroles, chimichurri, and roasted veggies. Maggi seasoning sauce is high in sodium, which adds and enhances the flavor of dishes. It has around 400mg of sodium in one teaspoon. But the important thing to note here is excessive sodium intake is not good for health. It may lead to high blood pressure that may cause diseases like heart failure, stroke, or kidney diseases.

2) Tamari Sauce

If you are interested in using a gluten-free substitute for Golden mountain sauce, then Tamari sauce is the best alternative. It is a Japanese sauce that involves the fermentation of soybeans. Tamari sauce is having a darker color, comparatively less salty, and has a strong umami flavor. It is widely used in Japanese cuisines, stir-fries, soups, and sauces. The mild and less salty taste of Tamari makes it a great dip.

Tamari sauce belongs to the class of soy sauce that does not include wheat in its ingredients( or a very low wheat quantity). Traditional soy sauce contains wheat. Both tamari and Golden mountain sauce are similar as both the byproducts of fermented soybeans.

3) Soy Sauce

You can say Golden mountain sauce is a sister version of soy sauce. The flavor profile of golden mountain sauce depicts that its saltiness level is similar to soy sauce. Also, the coloring of Golden Mountain sauce is slightly darker in comparison to soy sauce.

The main ingredients in both soy and golden mountain sauce are the same. Both are made up of fermented soybeans and salt. The difference between the two sauces is the absence of sugar in soy sauce. Just like golden mountain sauce, soy sauce also incorporates a small amount of wheat.


Golden mountain sauce has a complex and intense flavor profile. The use of golden mountain sauce enhances the taste and adds another dimension to the recipe. However, during emergency shortage situations the substitutes described above can be used to replace Golden Mountain Sauce. You can try these alternatives for your recipe calling for Golden Mountain Sauce.

However, it may take some trial and error to use Golden Mountain Sauce substitute in your cooking. Some substitutes may go well with a recipe and others might not work better. You have to try all the choices to reach the best Golden Mountain Sauce substitute.     

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