6 Simple Golden Monkfruit Substitutes

Golden Monkfruit Substitute
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Golden Monkfruit Substitute

Massive portions of health-conscious users have shifted towards the use of Golden Monk Fruit sweetener because of its claims of zero calories. A small amount of this sweetener will help you replicate the same taste while minimizing the calorie intake. So, if you’re also trying to lose weight and can’t really bring yourself to let go of the sweeter items, making use of this sweetener will help you through your journey.

The downside here is that it is not always the easiest to source Golden Monk Fruit sweetener from the market. You’ll struggle to get your hands on this zero-calorie option, and many of the users eventually shift towards these alternatives when they can’t get the Golden Monkfruit substitutes. 

Golden Monkfruit Substitutes

  1. Erythritol

This option might sound too good to most users as it is almost as sweet as sugar with fewer calories than the majority of sweeteners available on the market. However, you should still use this substitute in moderate servings as extensive use of this alternative can lead to digestive problems. 

While there is no debate that erythritol will help you through your weight management journey, slowing down on the intake will only serve you better in the long run. So, you can add erythritol to your diet, but make sure to use moderate amounts of this sweetener to avoid digestive problems. 

  1. Splenda

While Splenda claims to be a zero-calorie substitute for sugar, it does bring a minimum level of calories to your diet. The calories here might be a bit more than Erythritol, but it is much easier for your body to break down, and a lot of people have added Splenda to their daily diet. However, you should still manage the usage as the calories can add up over the month, even if you’re using a moderate amount of Splenda in each meal. 

  1. Stevia

Stevia is arguably the most popular alternative mentioned here, but the majority of users are afraid of the side effects associated with this option. Keep in mind that as long as you’re using smaller portions of Stevia in your diet, there is no harm in substituting raw sugar with this product. 

You will only run into digestion issues when Stevia is used for an extended period and in large portions. So, limit the use of Stevia, and it will serve you perfectly as a sweetener that is not that calorically dense. 

  1. Agave Nectar

This condensed nectar can be closely linked to maple syrup and brings one of the highest nutritional values to your diet. It might not be the best when you’re looking for a zero-calorie golden monk fruit substitute, but if you’re not that worried about the calories and need a healthier option, then there is no harm in trying agave nectar.
The consistency is much thicker with this option, but this product is readily available, and you’ll be able to source it easily from the local market. So, make use of agave nectar if you’re not sure about any of the options mentioned above. 

  1. Yacon Syrup

Yacon syrup brings the same thicker consistency but is proven to be much better for weight loss. It might not have the same nutritional content as the agave nectar options, but you’ll surely see a decline in your weight when making use of this syrup. However, it can be a bit expensive, and you’ll have to set aside a good amount of your budget to make use of this syrup. 

  1. Honey

Lastly, honey is not a bad choice, and it improves blood sugar levels. Many experts have pointed out honey to be one of the best sweeteners on the market, and the price point is not that unreasonable as compared to the other options mentioned here. It won’t serve you that well when you’re trying to cut out on calories, but other than that, it is the best option when you’re trying to find substitutes for golden monk fruit. 

Overall, Sativa and Splenda are two of the most popular and processed items that can be closely linked to golden monk fruit. You will be able to stay within a reasonable budget when making use of these substitutes. So, try out these items before you move towards other substitutes mentioned in this list. 

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