6 Best Ginger Paste Substitutes

ginger paste substitutes
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ginger paste substitutes

Ginger is an essential item in every kitchen. It does not matter without you are involved in South Asian cooking or not, ginger is a must-have. Ginger paste is a condiment often used in Indian cooking. It is simply blended or mashed ginger made in oil. The paste is part of other stuff like Tikka paste or masala. Thus, if you are wondering if there are any decent ginger paste substitutes, you are at the right place. 

Ginger paste often contains garlic too. However, some chefs recommend making both the pastes separately. Making homemade ginger paste is healthy and fresh. Furthermore, you can adjust the amount of oil you use while making ginger. Some people face the problem that ginger is fibrous. To avoid this problem, use fresher ginger as an aged one becomes fibrous.

When making the ginger paste, it is your choice to peel off the skin or not. So, after this process, cut into small pieces and blend. Add canola or avocado oil while blending. These oils do not have any additional flavor, so they do not change the overall taste of the paste. Add salt according to your taste. With the addition of oil and salt, be worry-free as they preserve the ginger. 

You can store the ginger paste for five days in the refrigerator. If you want to increase this time, freeze it and it will last half a year. You could use a cube tray for this purpose. The benefit is you can scoop out a cube when the need arises. 

Ginger Paste Substitutes

1) Fresh Or Ground Ginger

Are you short on time and can’t even blend some ginger and oil? Just add some fresh or ground ginger to get the best out of its flavor. Use one teaspoon of ground ginger in place of a ginger paste tablespoon. 

Fresh ginger is better in terms of flavor profile and pungent taste to the dish. Ground ginger, on the other hand, boasts of heat. 

To substitute ginger paste, we need to keep in mind the heat, flavor, and aroma it adds to a dish. 

2) Allspice

Allspice is an all-in-one flavor spice. Although some people confuse it with 5 spice, Allspice comes from dried berries of a plant and is a single spice. This single spice gives off the taste of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. You can replace the taste of ginger paste by using Caribbean allspice. 

3) Combo Of Spices

If you do not have allspice, go for this option. A combination of some spices may suffice as a ginger paste substitute. Add coriander, mace, nutmeg, and cinnamon to replicate the flavor profile. You can also add black pepper if you prefer its heat. 

4) Crystallized Ginger

Are you persistent on adding ginger, be it in any form? This type is made in sugar water. The spicy and sweet delight becomes a part of a dessert. This way you can make full benefit of health benefits of ginger. Ginger has been part of ancient medicine for a long time. It can relieve osteoarthritis symptoms, ease nausea, and lowers blood sugar in diabetics. Thus, you can use candied sugar in place of ginger paste.

5) Lemongrass

You can replace the unique ginger taste by adding some lemongrass. The taste is tarty with a kick of mint. The flavor is stronger than ginger paste, so while adding lemongrass, make sure to add a decent amount at the start. 

6) Citrus Zest

You can utilize orange or lemon zest if you have any at home. This should be your last resort to replace ginger paste.

The importance of ginger paste cannot be undermined. When you have a jar stored in the freezer, it can ease your task, especially in South Asian cooking. The ginger paste goes in other dishes too. It is hard to replicate the original taste of the ginger itself.

Thus, you can substitute ginger paste by using its fresh or ground form. Some other spices like allspice and a combination of cinnamon, mace, nutmeg, and coriander can try to give a similar taste profile.

If your recipe calls for something sweet, you could try using crystallized ginger too. Lemongrass and citrus zest are not great options but can do the job when necessary. 

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