GE Profile Refrigerator Water Dispenser Won’t Stop: 7 Fixes

ge profile refrigerator water dispenser won't stop
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ge profile refrigerator water dispenser won’t stop

Water dispensers are an important part of every household. Some people prefer refrigerators with built-in water dispensers, which is why they prefer GE Profile refrigerator water dispensers.

However, some of the users are complaining about “GE Profile refrigerator water dispenser won’t start.” In case you are going through the same issue, we are sharing the solutions with you in this article!

GE Profile Refrigerator Water Dispenser Won’t Stop

1) Water Supply

If the water dispenser of your GE Profile refrigerator keeps ejecting water, you need to shut off the water supply. You need to switch off the water supply from the backend. This is because when you shut off the water supply, the water dispenser won’t have water to eject out.

Also, it’s not the solution, but it will surely stop the water from coming out. That being said, when the water stops coming out after you cut off the water supply, you can look for the root cause.

2) Reset

In the majority of cases, water doesn’t stop coming out from the water dispenser when the water dispenser button is stuck. The water dispenser button gets stuck when people press it too hard. That being said, you can release the water dispenser button by pressing it again. However, if pressing the water dispenser button doesn’t release it, you have to unplug the refrigerator.

In particular, you must unplug the refrigerator for at least five to ten minutes. This is because cutting off the water supply will release the button. So, switch off the refrigerator, and the button will be released.

After ten minutes, switch on the refrigerator, press the water dispenser button gently, and see if it starts working fine. We are certain that the water dispenser will stop releasing water (continuously) once the button is fixed.

3) Electrical Issues

When the refrigerator water dispenser won’t stop releasing water, you need to understand that there might be electrical issues. However, if you are suspecting electrical issues, it’s best that you call the technician because diagnosing the electrical issues on your own isn’t the right step. The professional technicians are experienced and equipped to diagnose and fix the issues.

When you call in the technician, he will fix the unstoppable water dispenser, and it will start working optimally. You might not believe it, but even a loose wire can lead to such issues. So, the technician will fix the loose wire, and it’s likely to fix the water dispenser.

4) Water Valve

If you didn’t know, water dispensers are designed with the water valve that’s responsible for supplying water to the water dispenser. For instance, if the water valve is faulty or has worn out, there are chances that water will keep dripping even if you don’t use the water dispenser button. If the water dripping is excessive, you have to run the water dispenser.

This is because running the water dispenser for two to three minutes will help release air from the system. Once the air is removed, you won’t struggle with dripping. However, if the issue is still there, you have to call the technician, so they can fix the root cause.

5) Lubrication

The GE Profile refrigerator water dispenser is designed with a button or switch behind the handle. In case this button or switch is covered with a cover, you have to remove the cap. After removing the cap, you must lubricate the button or switch with the mineral oil. Once you apply the lubricant or mineral oil, you have to open the close the refrigerator’s door a few times.

This is because it will ensure that the water dispenser switches on and switches off. As a result, try the water dispenser again and try using it. We are certain that the water dispenser will work as it should.

6) Solenoid

For the most part, the water dispenser has issues because the solenoid has gone bad. However, it is hard to fix or diagnose solenoid-related issues on your own. For this purpose, you must call a professional technician to fix the solenoid.

7) Cables

In case the water dispenser is still not working normally, there are chances of loose or burnt cables. These cables can lead to adverse actions, and “water dispenser won’t stop” is one of them. In either case, you have to call the technician to fix the water dispenser!

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