6 Most Common GE Advantium Problems

ge advantium problems
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ge advantium problems

GE ovens are popularly known for their top-notch performance and exceptional cooking results. There are three technologies associated with the three types of GE ovens. The most extensive is Advantium technology. GE Advantium ovens make your meals faster with maximum efficiency and minimal effort as compared to traditional ovens.

These GE ovens can be your best friend and the most challenging companions at the same time, depending upon how you take care of them. Just like every other electrical gadget, there are some common problems that many GE Advantium oven users encounter. In this article, we will walk you through some common GE Advantium problems and their solutions. Read on.

What Are The GE Advantium Common Problems?

The GE ovens with the Advantium technology have the best and the most efficient features than other traditional ovens that we normally use. However, some intermittent problems cause your GE Advantium oven to smell foul and the food cooked isn’t up to the mark. Besides these, there are several other problems as well that we will study in detail.

You don’t have to rely on the technicians to have your issue resolved. Here are some common GE Advantium problems with their solutions to help you identify and solve the problem on your own.

Problem 1: GE Advantium Produces Electric Odor:

The most common unsettling thing that many new users of GE ovens encounter is the heat-like or electric odor coming out of their ovens. However, this issue is considered to be totally normal as the first few times your oven might normally produce an electric odor due to the burning down of shipping and handling tape covering on the cooktop right beneath the oven. This irritating smell can also produce due to the extra curing or heating of circuit board material.

Make sure that you remove shipping tapes from the oven’s lamp. The smell will itself go away.

Problem 2: Burners Heat But The Oven Doesn’t:

If the GE Advantium burners are being heated normally but your ovens stay cold. Then, you might haven’t set up your oven to bake or broil. There are also chances of you leaving the oven door locked. Always try to set up your oven to bake or broil according to your requirement. Make sure to unlock the locked oven door by moving the lever to the unlocked position.

Problem 3: Whole GE Device Isn’t Producing Heat:

The heating problem arises when you haven’t positioned the knobs well after removing them. Inspect and reinstall the knobs correctly. Now position them well so your device starts heating to cook the meal.

Problem 4: The GE Oven Won’t Turn On

The main and the best possible cause for the GE oven to not turn on is the main fuse is blown off. To confirm that the main fuse has blown, check the fuse box behind the oven main unit. Inspect it with your hands covered. If the fuse is brown or smoky black, then you have got your main fuse blown off. It cannot be fixed so you need to get the replacement as soon as possible. Go to any tech store and ask for the same model’s fuse and you are good to go.

Place the brand new fuse into the fuse box and fit it there until the fuse snaps in the right spot. You may turn on your oven now.

Problem 5: GE Ovens Displaying Error Codes F0 F9:

When the display LED screen of GE ovens shows error codes such as F0 and F10, your key panel is damaged. The misplacement of the electronic panel is also linked with the key panel. Make sure to have your GE Advatium’s key panel fixed as soon as you see this issue. A well-established technician will assist you.

They will also fix the bad wiring which is another noticeable cause for error codes appearing in GE oven.

Problem 6: Unmaintained And Malfunctioning GE Ovens

It is important for all the kitchen appliances to be cleaned on regular basis. Any debris or piece of meal can abrupt the cooking flow and efficiency.

Maintain your GE advantium oven well to avoid encountering common and intermittent problems.

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