5 Ways To Fix Gas Oven Clicking But Not Lighting

gas oven clicking but not lighting
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gas oven clicking but not lighting

Gas ovens are used in an unlimited number of houses as they have become a part of our everyday life. They are used for baking cakes, brownies, and make pizza, etc. They are cheap and pocket-friendly which also acts as a prime factor in its requirements. They are easy to install and run. The gas burner works via a gas-fueled burner. But nowadays, many users are facing problems regarding gas oven clicking but not lightning. If you are also experiencing such an issue, then this article might help in resolving it.

But before we explain the possible troubleshooting procedures, here is how you can effectively diagnose the problem:

Problem Diagnosis

The lighting problems can be detected through sound as the clicking or spark produces a sound that explains why the clicking is occurring, but the lightning can be seen clearly on the burner. In such cases, the oven does not produce any heat and thus, no food can be cooked with the help of the oven.

How to Fix Gas Oven Clicking But Not Lighting?

  1. Check If the Gas Is Properly Connected

Usually, the gas oven does not ignite if the gas is not properly connected or the amount of gas coming through the pipes is not strong enough to ignite the gas oven. Therefore, checking if the gas is connected properly and the availability of gas to the required amount might help resolve the issue. For connectivity, check if the connection is turned on. If not, then simply turn it on.

  1. Clean The Gas Igniter

There are high chances that the gas igniter has been blocked by either food debris or grease. In such a case, cleaning is required. To do so, turn off the oven, remove the racks and plating and then simply clean it. Also, remove the burner and clean the inside of the burner with the help of a small brush or a toothpick.

  1. Replace A Fallacious Igniter

It is also possible that the gas oven’s igniter is fallacious. Therefore, the spark due to clicking does not cause lightning. In such cases, replacing the igniter to a new one might help solve the query. To do this, turn off the power of the oven. Also, turn the gas connection off as well. Remove the oven racks and unscrew the base plate to access the inside of the oven. Remove the old igniter but make sure to remember its position. Then replace the old version of the igniter with a new one.

After replacement, reconnect the wires to the igniter, screen the base plate back and place the oven racks to their positions. Turn on the gas supply and switch on the oven’s power supply.

  1. Dry The Cleaner

The lightning may not be occurring because of access to moisture in the burner. This usually occurs if the oil spills causing grease or after cleaning. To dry the burner, remove the cap of the burner and air dry it. To speed up the process, turn off the burner and use a fan to dry it. A cloth may also help speed up the process.

  1. Contact A Technician

If none of the above-mentioned solutions help you in solving your problem regarding the gas oven, then it is preferred to contact a good technician for professional help. They will help solve the problem and make sure that you do not face such a problem again. Keep in mind that throughout the whole process, you will need to cooperate as much as you possibly can.


The article provided you with some possible solutions to your problem. We hope that this article helps you in solving your query with ease. Gas ovens are easy to use but their malfunction cannot be always solved without the technician’s help. Be sure to follow all the instructions that we have mentioned in the article. If the issue seems to persist, then try contacting the support team, or seek professional help for further assistance.

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