Can You Cook Frozen Tater Tots in Microwave?

frozen tater tots in microwave
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Frozen Tater Tots in Microwave

Hobbies are activities that people participate in for pleasure or even to relieve stress. Considering this, there are tons of activities that you will notice people doing during their leisure time. However, one of the most common ones that can be noticed is cooking. This lets you prepare meals that you are interested in whenever you want to. You can even try out dishes from other cuisines as long you have the right ingredients and equipment required with you.

Though, it is important to keep in mind that cooking is not as simple as it sounds. The process does require you to know different cooking methods and ingredients. Luckily, you can get started by making simple dishes if you are interested. Over time, you should easily be able to get a better grip over how specific methods work and how recipes can be altered. Some people even take courses that cover all the information required to get you started.

Tater Tots

Potatoes are among some of the most popular ingredients used when cooking. This is because these can be used to make tons of dishes that are both easy to make as well as tasty. Tater tots are one of the easiest dishes that you can make using potatoes.

These require you to first form small cubes or cylinders using grated potatoes. You can then cover them up with seasoned flour if you want. Finally, dip them in egg wash so that all the flour stays stuck on to your potatoes and fry them. The recipe is quite easy and tater tots can be delicious. You can even pair them up with additional ingredients for a better taste or use a sauce of your liking.

Another great thing is that companies even provide frozen packs that you can purchase. These already have tater tots in them and you simply have to fry them. The packs also have a long shelf life so you will not have to worry about them going bad.

Frozen Tater Tots in Microwave

The usual method that people use when making frozen tater tots is deep-frying them. Although, this can be quite unhealthy which is why some people might want to avoid this. Considering this, another method that people question about is using a microwave to make their frozen tots in. This can easily be done but you should note that microwave ovens will not give your potatoes the same crisp.

Keeping this in mind, tons of companies do provide tater tots that can be made using a microwave. These come with a crisping paper already attached inside the package which helps in keeping most of the crisp. If you are someone who enjoys tater tots because of their crispy texture then you should purchase these.

Finally, when it comes to preparing these, you should note that different microwaves have varying heat options. The standard timing required to prepare these is putting the tater tots under high heat for about 3 and half minutes. Now leave them for another 1 and a half minutes before taking them out. This should be enough to have your frozen tater tots perfectly cooked in a microwave.

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