Frozen Scallops Vs Fresh- Our Comparison Between The Two

frozen scallops vs fresh
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frozen scallops vs fresh

A scallop is a sweet seafood item that is delicate and flavorful in taste. On top of that, they are easy to prepare which makes them an ideal food for fellow seafood lovers. They are often used with different meals to add flavor and extra health benefits to the dish. Today, we’ll be discussing a popular debate which is frozen scallops vs fresh.

Frozen Scallops vs Fresh: The Most Important Differences

A big question we see many users ask is whether there’s any difference between a fresh and frozen scallop. Both these food items seem to be available in most supermarkets, which is why people get confused about which one of the two should they purchase.

If you are also someone who doesn’t have much of an idea about frozen scallops and fresh scallops, then this article is for you! Through the article, we will be discussing all the important aspects of the two seafood items, as we make a comparison between frozen scallops vs fresh scallops.

Frozen Scallops

Just as the name suggests, a frozen scallop is stored in the refrigerator over time. However, the biggest concern that people have regarding these scallops is that they aren’t really fresh. But does that really make any difference at all?

It is important to note that there are plenty of other factors that play a more important role in determining your purchase. Furthermore, if you do decide to go for frozen scallops, you must make sure that you thaw them overnight by placing them inside your fridge.

Do keep in mind that you can’t use a microwave or even thaw these scallops at room temperature. You have to store them inside a fridge and wait for them to get thawed. In case if you are in a hurry, we recommend that you place your frozen scallops inside a plastic zipper bag. You can then defrost these scallops by simply putting them under running water after making sure you have sealed the bag. Also, do not use warm or hot water over these scallops.

Fresh Scallop

Fresh scallops are another popular choice that most people go for. Even though you might think fresh food is always the better choice, it isn’t necessarily the case here. As mentioned before, there are certain things that you have to vary of before you decide on your purchase.

For instance, just because a scallop hasn’t been frozen does not mean that it was appropriately handled on its journey to the supermarket. If you live someplace that is near the coast, or you’re purchasing the scallop from a reputable place, then going for fresh scallops would be the better choice.

It is also worth mentioning the fact that fresh scallops are usually rarer to find as compared to frozen scallops. Likewise, you might find these scallops to cost more than a traditional frozen scallop. One thing that you should definitely look out for is that certain supermarkets may sell thawed scallops and label them as completely “fresh”. We strongly advise you to vary the place from where you purchase your scallops and do a bit of research on your own. You can try testing the fresh scallop before you start purchasing a bunch of them.

Which One Is Better?

If you are here to learn about which one of them should serve you as a better purchase, then we’re afraid the answer purely depends on a number of factors. Ideally, we suggest you find a frozen scallop that hasn’t been stored for more than 5 days. Although not exactly fresh, these scallops will manage to resemble the taste and texture of a fresh scallop.

Similarly, it is also important that you always buy a high-quality frozen scallop. Even if it does cost you more bucks, it should be worth the purchase. Only go for fresh scallops when buying from a reputable place.

The Bottom Line:

Comparing frozen scallops vs fresh scallops, we have mentioned all the important factors that should help you finally decide on your purchase. Before we completely wrap up the article, we’d like to mention how there are certain factors like the price or quality of the product being sold which should also play a key role for many individuals.

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