4 Common Frigidaire Smart Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

frigidaire smart oven problems
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frigidaire smart oven problems

When we talk about home appliances and electronics, Frigidaire is offering a wide range of freezers, ovens, cooktops, and dishwashers. It’s needless to say that this is a reputed brand but people still struggle with Frigidaire smart oven problems. If you need help in fixing the smart oven, we are sharing the common errors as well as the solutions!

Frigidaire Smart Oven Problems

1) Oven Is Not Switching On

Circuit Breaker

When it comes down to the smart oven not switching on, you are required to inspect the breaker and make sure it’s not tripped (you must check the electrical panel of the home for this). If the breaker has tripped, you can simply switch it on. However, if your breaker keeps tripping, there are chances of wiring issues.


If a circuit breaker isn’t at fault but the oven is still not switching on, please check out the power cable. That’s to say because if the power cable is not functioning properly, the oven won’t work. If that’s the issue, you have to change the power cable and make sure they are plugged in tightly.

2) Oven Turns On But Doesn’t Heat Up

If the Frigidaire oven is switched on but it is not heating, there are chances of defective elements. In the majority of cases, this issue occurs when the broil element or bake element is faulty. For the most part, these elements are extremely easy to replace, so just call in a technician. At this point, let us tell you that these elements do wear out with time, so there is nothing to worry about.

3) Uneven Baking

Bake Element

When the bake element turns out, your oven will start using the broil elements for heating. As a result, the oven will experience uneven heating. Usually, if the bake element is non-operational, you will be able to see the blisters and holes. For this purpose, you have to use the multimeter and check the continuity. So, just replace the element in case of continuity.


The igniter is likely to glow hot red when it’s working properly. So, if your igniter is not glowing red, the heating is likely to be inconsistent and so will be the baking results. We suggest that you call the oven technician and ask them to inspect the igniter. If they identify some defects, they will just replace them.

Broil Element

When the broil element burns out, only the bake element will heat the oven and it will result in uneven heating, hence uneven baking. You can use a multimeter for checking the broil element and look for any continuity issues. In case of errors, just replace the element!

Control Board

The control board of Frigidaire ovens works in collaboration with oven sensors for regulating the temperature. When the temperature increases, the sensor creates resistance. So, when the sensor gives off an incorrect resistance amount, there will be chances of uneven baking. For this purpose, you have to recalibrate the oven control by 35-degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature Sensor

We have already mentioned that the temperature sensor is integrated with the control board for temperature regulation. So, if the oven is showing uneven baking, the temperature sensor might be defective. You can use an ohmmeter for testing the temperature sensor.

4) Broiler Not Working

If the broiler is not working, it’s pretty obvious that the broil element is faulty. The ovens are often heated at higher temperatures which leads to deterioration of the broil element. That being said, you have to change the broil element because repairing it is not a reliable solution. However, the broiler issues can occur due to other reasons as well, inclusive of the following;

Spark Electrode

The spark electrode is responsible for igniting the gas. The electrode is generally adding next to the burner (the broil burner, to be precise). It tends to work as a spark plug. When the Frigidaire oven is connected to power, it sends a spark to the electrode shield which ignites the gas. It generally happens when the electrode has worn out or is broken down.

We suggest that you inspect the spark electrode and make sure there are no cracks. If you see some cracks or damages. You must change the spark electrode. Also, always hire a technician to fix the spark electrode or other oven components.

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