5 Common Frigidaire Oven Preheat Problem

frigidaire oven preheat problem
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frigidaire oven preheat problem

The ovens are an absolute necessity for the kitchen, people have been using Frigidaire ovens because they have reliable cooking performance and advanced cooking features. Just like other ovens, Frigidaire has a preheat feature which makes sure the oven is ready to cook food.

However, if there is a Frigidaire oven preheat problem bugging and is interfering with cooking outcomes, let’s see what you can do to fix it!

Common Frigidaire Oven Preheat Problem

1. Power Issue

When the oven is not preheating, there are chances that there is something wrong with the power connection – the lack of electricity can cause the issue. The electrical outlet and circuit breaker are responsible for providing power that’s essential for operating the oven. So, the power cord of the oven should be working optimally to ensure the functions work properly. A damaged electrical outlet and faulty power cord can diminish the power. To diagnose the issue, you can follow these steps;

  • First of all, you have to check the circuit breaker for tripped breakers and broken fuses, and if any of these components are damaged, you have to replace them
  • Secondly, you need to check the power cord of the ice maker for fraying and damage. So, just replace the power cord if needed
  • Thirdly, you should opt for a multimeter to check if the electrical outlet is delivering enough voltage to the components of the oven

2. Bake Element

If you have fixed the power-related issues with the oven, but the preheating function is still not working, you need to check the bake element. This is because a damaged bake element can result in heating and preheating issues. For the most part, the bake element is placed on the oven’s bottom and is responsible for producing heat that cooks the food. Over the course of time, the bake element is likely to damage, and if it happens, there will be breakage and blistering.

Having said that, you need to switch off the oven and check the bake element. If the physical damages are apparent on the bake element, it could be the reason behind preheating issues. You can also use a multimeter to determine the continuity level of the bake element. In either case, you have to replace the bake element because a repair isn’t possible.

3. Igniter

Another reason behind preheating issue with the Frigidaire oven is the igniter. Every oven is designed with an igniter switch because it is responsible for drawing electric current to heat up the oven and enable the gas valve. Consequently, it helps with gas flow and ignites the heating element of the oven. However, the igniter switch tends to weaken with time and lose its effectiveness. As a result, it won’t be able to open up, resulting in preheating issue.

Having said that, you need to check the igniter, and if it doesn’t ignite the heating element within ninety seconds, there are high chances that the igniter is defective or weakened. If this is the real issue, you can talk to an electrician to fix the igniter (it has to be replaced).

4. Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse is installed in the oven as a safety precaution. This is because it helps prevent the Frigidaire oven from getting overheated, as overheating can cause permanent equipment damage to the unit. So, as soon as the temperature starts rising, the fuse will cut the power connection to the oven. Having said that, if the thermal fuse is blown, the oven won’t be able to operate and cause issues with ice making.

As far as diagnosing the thermal fuse is concerned, you have to test the continuity with the help of a multimeter. If there is zero continuity, you need to replace the blown-out thermal fuse.

5. Gas Safety Valve

The gas safety valve is designed to open when the temperature sensor signals for the gas. On the other hand, it closes when the oven’s cycle is complete. Having said that, if the valve is damaged, the gas safety valve will not open up properly and cause issues with the preheating. So, check the gas safety valve and make sure it is in the right position to make sure the preheat function works well.

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