4 Quick Solutions To Frigidaire Freezer Green Light Blinking

frigidaire freezer green light blinking
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Frigidaire Freezer Green Light Blinking

No doubt, Frigidaire freezers are among the most reliable freezers on the market. However, they can also run into problems over time, and when they do, their green light may start blinking. Most Frigidaire freezer models feature this green light that blinks to alert you.

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, there is definitely something wrong that requires your attention. In this troubleshooting guide, we will take you through some of the reasons why the green light on the Frigidaire freezers may start flickering.

Fortunately, you can fix the problem on your own without needing professional assistance in most cases. Let’s dig deeper without any further ado!

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Fixing Frigidaire Freezer Green Light Blinking

Is the green light on your Frigidaire freezer blinking? Here are a few potential fixes!

  1. Door Seal

As mentioned earlier, the green light on the Frigidaire freezer usually signals a problem in the system. In most cases, it blinks when the freezer cannot meet its optimal temperature.

So, start troubleshooting this problem by checking the door seal and making sure it is in good working condition.

Like all freezers and refrigerators, the doors of the Frigidaire freezers also come with a seal to keep the door closed properly and prevent the cool air generated by the freezer from leaking out into the surroundings.

So, it plays a key role in the proper functioning of your Frigidaire freezer. Door seals tend to wear out over time, which is bad news for your Frigidaire freezer.

Torn rubber seal on the old refrigerator door
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A worn-out door seal won’t be able to seal the door when closed, allowing the warm air from the outside to find its way into your freezer and replace the cool air. The microorganisms may also enter the freezer and spoil the food stored inside.

Even if they do not spoil the food, they will surely reduce the shelf life. This situation will cause an increase in temperature inside your Frigidaire freezer, which will cause the green light to start blinking.

  • Symptoms Of a Worn Out Door Seal

If you notice frost on the walls of your Frigidaire freezer, it is an indication that the door seal has worn out. Also, see if your food is spoiling sooner than usual. If it is, the door seal is not doing its job.

Apart from that, this problem will affect the energy efficiency of your Frigidaire freezer as well. So, if you notice that your freezer has started using more energy than it normally does, the chances are that the door seal has gone bad.

If that’s the case, the light will keep flickering until your Frigidaire freezer reaches a suitable temperature. So, you need to act immediately to fix this problem and keep your food fresh for longer.

Confused Man Looking At Food In Refrigerator
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  • Replacing the Door Seal

First, check the model of your Frigidaire freezer and get a replacement from your nearby hardware store. Once you have purchased it, peel away the worn-out door seal. Since it is already loose, you won’t need to apply much force to remove it.

Pull it away gently but firmly from the freezer, starting from a corner and working your way around. It is a good idea to clean the area covered by the door seal to help the new seal stick better to the surface. If you have a fridge cleaner, consider using it to clean the area.

If you don’t have it at home, you can clean it with a wet cloth. Once done, install a new door seal. The door has grooves where the seal will snap in. After installing, press it with your hand to make sure it stays in place. If it feels squashed, consider heating it up a bit before installing it.

A hairdryer can come in handy for this purpose. Moreover, keep the door of your freezer closed to keep it at an optimal temperature. If you open the door and keep staring at the food items wondering what to make for breakfast, the warm air will enter the freezer and cause problems.

  1. Load on the Freezer

Cold Refrigerator Full of Fresh Food and Groceries
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If you keep too many items at a time in your Frigidaire freezer, it will make the freezer work harder than usual, often leading to this problem. Moreover, it will likely block the air vents and restrict the airflow, hindering the normal functioning of your Frigidaire freezer.

Of course, air must be circulated properly to keep the temperature cold. And if you have overfilled the freezer, air won’t circulate as freely.

Not only will it cause the stored food to spoil quickly, but it will also make your Frigidaire freezer consume more electricity, leading to higher electricity bills. So, take a look at the stored items in your Frigidaire freezer.

If the items are stacked on top of each other, your freezer is overloaded. When filling the freezer, make sure to leave gaps among the items. Once you have reduced the load, the green light will stop blinking.

However, if it doesn’t, there could be something wrong with the power supply of your Frigidaire freezer.

  1. Power Supply

electrician checking socket voltage digital multimeter
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The green light problem in the Frigidaire freezer is often linked with power supply issues. First, check the power outlet that your freezer is connected to and make sure it is working fine. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a faulty power outlet.

You can use a voltage tester to test the outlet, or a multimeter can also do the job. You can also connect some other appliance, such as a lamp, to the power outlet to determine whether it is working fine or not.

If the lamp turns on, it means that the problem is with your freezer. On the other hand, if the lamp does not get any power, replacing the power outlet will fix the problem. If the power outlet is in good health, proceed to check the power cord of your Frigidaire freezer.

If it appears frayed or damaged, consider replacing it. Once you have replaced it, the green light will stop blinking.

  1. Reset

Unplug the device
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If you have tried all the aforementioned solutions and the green light is still blinking, resetting your Frigidaire freezer is the last resort.

Check to see if your model has a reset button. If it has, pressing it will reset the freezer. However, if you cannot find the button, unplug the power cord and plug it back in after 15-20 minutes.

The Bottom Line

Most Frigidaire freezers come with a green light that blinks to indicate some problem with the unit. It can start blinking for a number of reasons, which we have discussed in this article.

A worn-out door seal is the leading cause of this problem. Furthermore, replace the power outlet or cord if they are faulty.

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