Fridge Fan Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

fridge fan not working
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fridge fan not working

While gathering ingredients is important when it comes to cooking dishes. There are some other things that you should look out for as well. These include having the best utensils and equipment with you. One of the most important things that you will require in your kitchen is a refrigerator. These help in storing edibles and keeping them fresh.

Usually, the size and features of your device vary depending on what model you have as well as its manufacturing company. Although, it is important to keep in mind that even the best refrigerators can run into problems. Recently, some users have been complaining that the fan of their fridge is not working. If you are also getting the same issue with your equipment then going through this article should help you in fixing it.

Fridge Fan Not Working

  1. Electrical Issues

One of the most common reasons for the fan in your fridge to stop functioning can be due to there being some electrical problems. Many things can affect this, which is exactly why it is important that you carefully go through the steps. The first thing that you can check is the socket your equipment is plugged into. Sometimes the current in these outlets can fluctuate which causes similar problems on your fridge. The best method to confirm if that is the case is by using a voltmeter.

This will provide you with detailed information about how many volts are coming from the outlet. You can use this data to confirm if the issue was with your sockets or not. While these voltmeters are easily purchasable from most electrical stores. Some people might still not have access to them, considering this, another option is to plug in a lamp in your outlet. You can then observe the bulb and see if it is working fine.

Usually, when there are low voltages, the bulb should blink or flicker indicating issues. You can then test all the other plugs in your kitchen as well to check if the problem is from the backend or with your socket. In case of your socket is damaged, the user can get these replaced or install a new one themselves. Keep in mind that checking these on your own can be quite dangerous. This is why inexperienced people should contact a specialist instead to help them out. They should also be able to identify the problem and get it fixed for you.

  1. Check Fan Settings

Once you have confirmed that your outlet is working fine. The next thing you should be checking is the settings on your device. Most fridges have a control panel on them which can be used to adjust the configuration of your equipment. Considering this, these also have a thermostat on them that you can use to increase or decrease the speed of your fans. In some cases, people can accidentally switch off their fans from here.

This makes them think that the fans have broken down and are causing problems. However, you can easily access the control panel to switch your fan on. You can even increase its speed to adjust the temperature within the device. Though, keep in mind that some fridges have low-temperature options that can freeze the edibles within them. Considering this, make sure that you have adjusted the temperature properly according to your preferences. If you are having any troubles trying to access the control panel then check the manual provided with your device.

  1. Clean Fans in Your Fridge

Finally, if you have gone through the steps mentioned above but the fans in your fridge are still not working. Then there is a chance that these have been clogged with dust. Cleaning these off should fix your problem. But you should keep in mind that this can be dangerous to do on your own. This is because cleaning the fans requires you to access the back panel of your fridge which can electrocute you.

If you do not understand how the equipment works then you can contact a professional to help you out. Alternatively, another option is that you contact the support team for your device and let them know about the problem. They will clean the equipment for you as well as provide you with replacement fans if your current ones were faulty.

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