Fridge Door Not Closing Automatically: 3 Ways To Fix

fridge door not closing automatically
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fridge door not closing automatically

Most people have refrigerators in their homes. These devices are used to store your edibles and keeping them fresh. This is done by maintaining a low temperature within the equipment. You can even cool your drinks by leaving them in your fridge for a few hours.

These devices can have numerous features on them and the settings on them can be configured easily. Though, these usually depend on the company you got your fridge from.

Additionally, the model plays a huge role which is why you should do proper research before selecting a device. This will help you in finding the best possible refrigerator for your use. While these are amazing devices, there are also some issues that you can run into with them.

One of these is that the fridge door is not closing automatically. If you are also getting the same problem then here are some troubleshooting steps that you can follow.

Fridge Door Not Closing Automatically

  1. Check Items in Your Fridge

Numerous reasons can affect the door of your fridge to not close on its own. This is exactly why it can be hard to pin down the exact cause. Although, if you carefully go through all the troubleshooting steps, it should be easy for you to fix the problem.

You can start with the easiest method which is also one of the most common reasons for this issue. Check the items that you have placed in your fridge.

Cramming items into your refrigerator can block the distance required by your fridge’s door to close. You can get rid of this by removing some items that you think might be preventing your refrigerator from closing.

Aside from this, the items that you have placed on your door can also cause this. While these should not be blocking the distance between the seals, sometimes people can store heavy cartons.

These can push the door down because of their weight, making it harder for them to close on their own. Considering this, you should remove these cartons and place them inside your refrigerator instead of the door.

It is mostly recommended that you keep heavy stuff stored within the device as the trays are designed for it. Once you have gone through these steps, your problem should most likely be gone. If not then you can move on to the next step mentioned below.

  1. Check Seals in Your Fridge

The seals or also known as the door gaskets are the small layer of rubber placed on the door and sides of your fridge. These stick with each other when you close the fridge allowing the insides to be airtight. Although, with time these can start to catch on dust which will stick to the gaskets.

Alternatively, the glue used to stick these with your device can loosen. Whatever the case might be, if there are any issues with the seals on your fridge then the door will not close on its own.

You might have to put a little pressure on the door to close it properly. But eventually, even this will stop working. Considering this, you have to find what is exactly wrong with your gaskets. If these are simply covered in dust or have become loose.

Then you can stick them back together or clean them properly. Make sure that you do not damage these seals when trying to clean them. Warm water paired up with a soft cloth should help you in removing all the dust sticking to these gaskets.

  1. Replace Gaskets

If you have been using your refrigerator for quite some time now. Then there is a high chance that the gaskets have become damaged. These can form cracks on them or tear down from areas due to opening the device repeatedly. Although, you should note that this will eventually happen and will require you to replace the gaskets.

You can contact the support team and send in your device to get these replaced from them. Alternatively, you can order your pair of gaskets and stick them to your fridge. Although, this requires you to carefully remove the previous seals and glue along with it. You will also have to ensure that you order the right size of gaskets required as using short ones will not work.

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