Compare Fresno vs Jalapeno – Which One?

fresno vs jalapeno
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fresno vs jalapeno

The most difficult situation is when a person is stuck between two similar and different things simultaneously. It can happen to you most of the time in your daily life, and you may find it challenging to decide which way you should head.

The same thing goes when people try to differentiate between Fresno and Jalapeno. Fresno pepper is hot in their looks and taste, and one can relate them to Jalapeno’s sister. But, is it what it looks like? To get the answer and the differentiation between the Fresno and Jalapeno, you only need to scroll down the article at a relatively slow pace to read it with ease.


When we talk about Fresno in particular, they are quite similar to the Jalapeno, but what makes the difference is Fresno’s hotness compared to the Jalapenos. Though both the Jalapenos and the Fresno are identical in taste, Fresno’s hotness is making the difference. Jalapenos are less hot than the Fresno, which makes the initial difference between the Fresno and Jalapeno.

One of the common misconceptions about Fresno is that they grew red, which is why most people relate them to the Jalapeno. The difference is seen when the green Fresno overcome the taste of Jalapeno while converting to red, and the reason they both are different is again related to their hotness. The red Fresno as it is mature, so it is relatively hotter than the green Fresno. 

Along with it, Fresno is a bit more fruity than the Jalapeno. It sounds weird to call a spicy product as fruity, but it is what it is. The Fresno is spicy, smoky, yet it tastes a bit fruity, making it a bit more demanding. Along with it, the Fresno differs from the Jalapeno in the size and thickness. 

An average Fresno can grow up to 2 to 3 inches with a diameter of 1 inch. Along with it, the walls of Fresno are thinner with a curve at the tail of it. 


Like the Fresno, the Jalapeno also grew as medium-sized green pepper that turns red when it is mature. But the thing that stands different in Jalapeno and Fresno is that the Jalapeno maintains the same taste and hotness throughout its life. While on the other, Fresno changes its taste and hotness while heading towards maturity. 

Jalapeno sounds a bit Mexican, and so it is also used mostly in Mexican dishes while when we talk about Fresno, you can use it anywhere anytime. One of the most common differences between Jalapeno and Fresno is that in most cases, due to its thick walls, the Jalapeno is used in burgers, pasta, and even on pizza.

Jalapeno can also be used as pickle after being added with vinegar. At the same time, I do not think that one will try it with Fresno. 

Unlike Fresno, Jalapenos are a bit larger. The average Jalapeno will reach at least 2 to 3 inches. Moreover, they are not curvy and possess a firm shape due to their thick walls. Fresno dries rapidly while cooking, so when people want juicy yet spicy flavor in their dishes, they mostly use Jalapeno or use both. 

Jalapeno vs Fresno: Who Will Win?

Suppose we will compare both Jalapeno vs Fresno to get an ideal conclusion that which one is better than it will be a hard battle. Both the Jalapeno and Fresno are one of their kind, and one cannot say that which one is better when we talk about hotness than there is no competition between Fresno and Jalapeno. But, when we discuss the firmness, then Jalapeno stands firm. So, it will be incorrect to say that which one is better and which one is not. 

Both the Fresno and the Jalapeno has some similar and a few different characteristics, it depends on you that which one are you going to choose to put in your dishes?


In this article, we have portrayed a subtle differentiation between Fresno and Jalapeno. The article has a detailed guide about both of them. You need to give this article a good read and enrich yourself with the knowledge of Fresno and Jalapeno. If you need to ask something else related to the article, then feel free to hit the comment box.

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