Food Mill vs Ricer: What’s The Difference?

food mill vs ricer
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food mill vs ricer

Just like every other equipment, you need to upgrade your kitchen equipment as well. Whether it is port or a blender, a witty upgrade indeed steps up your cooking game. Speaking of an upgrade, if you are one of those who confuse Food Mill with Ricer (also called Potato Ricer), this is the best place you can be to solve your concerns. Well, a food mill is a delicate non-electronic device. At the same time, a ricer is a mashing device that also doesn’t require electricity. The description below in this post will clear your confusion about the food mill and ricer. 

Food Mill vs Ricer

These two kitchen appliances—food mill and ricer, totally depend on the recipe you are cooking. However, both of these devices add extra ease and competency to your favorite recipes. Whether you want creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes and other extensive recipes, both will do food mill and ricer. Apart from being super convenient, food mill and ricer level up your pureeing, sautéing, and mashing game. First, let us comprehend what they are.

After reading this post, you will be able to decide which equipment (from the food mill and ricer) deserves to have a spot in your kitchen! Do your frequent recipes need ricer? Are your recipes much complicated to use food mill? How different are they both from each other? Which one should I get? You will get all of your concerned queries answered once you are done reading.

  1. Ricer / Potato Ricer:

Ricer, in appearance, looks closer to a giant garlic press, and hence it somehow functions the same way as well. A built-in hopper comes with a presser-like device—ricer. The hopper is used to carry the cooked or half-cooked food. Small pores attached pour out the food in a mashed or minced form to the pot.

Why is it called “Ricer”? The perforated holes are rice-like in shape, elongated and thin, so the mashed food comes out is also somehow a ricer. This is why we call it “Ricer.” 

Ricer’s Leverage Over Food Mill:

When it comes to cooking mashed potatoes, ricer wins from the food mill. The food batter that comes out of the perforated holes is finely meshed, creamy, and fluffy. Unlike the food mill, the food will go out as delicate and smooth. While food mills only crush them. 

Easy To Use:

A ricer is entirely safe to use. Even your little ones can use it with single time guidance. Mastering of food gets simple with a ricer. To assemble this device, all you need to is attach the hopper and start sautéing, pureeing squashes, or whatever you like. 

Easy To Clean:

Un-assemble the two of the ricer’s parts and clean them thoroughly. It is usually relatively easy to clean them.

Ricer—Alternative to Fool Mill:

Ricer can also be used as an excellent alternative for the food mill. Pressing and meshing, just like food will, can be easy. However, some of the features of ricer are limited. On the contrary, the food mill has many extensive functions and features. 

  1. Food Mill:

The apparatus for food mill is not too much complicated. It consists of a big bowl with a perforated bottom plate. A crank is also equipped for proper crushing and grinding of food. Since the food mill works in a much more comprehensive way, ricers are less-functional.

Food Mill’s Leverage Over Ricer:

With no electricity, food mill grinds, sautés, strains off, purees, and mash items in a much deeper way. The food mill’s primary purpose is to separate seeds and even skin finely from boiled food items and steam-cooked veggies and fruits.

On the other hand, a ricer is only limited to mashing and ricing batter.

Versatile Kitchen Tool:

The functions of the food mill are beyond just mashing and pressing. Other food-making practices (we mentioned them above) are smoothly carried out using a food mill. 

Expensive Than Ricer:

A food mill is pricey from ricer, but it’s worth the money as food mill performs several functions.


Which one is better? Ricer or Food Mill? It depends on your kitchen and your recipes. Now that you have much more profound insights on working and features of food mill and ricer, you can easily decide which one deserves a space in your kitchen cabinet. 

food mill vs ricer
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