3 Common Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker Problems With Solutions

elite cuisine egg cooker problems
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elite cuisine egg cooker problems

One might feel that boiling eggs is easy but getting the right consistency is difficult. For instance, you might get hard-boiled eggs when you wanted them soft. In addition, making egg benedicts and poached eggs isn’t doable for everyone. For this reason, people tend to egg cookers as they are known to optimize the egg-cooking experience.

To ensure that the eggs are cooked to perfection, it is important to choose the right machine and the Elite Cuisine egg cooker is one amazing option. Still, there are various functionality issues involved with the egg cooker which bug the users but they are all fixable. So, with this article, we are going to talk about the issues associated with egg cookers and how you can solve them!

Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker Problems

1) Power Cord Is Too Short

To be honest, many people have complained about short cord with Elite Cuisine egg cooker problems but it’s generally for their own safety. This is because according to the company, the short power cord is designed to reduce the chances of personal injuries that can occur by tripping over the long cord and by getting entangled in the cord.


However, if you are sure that you won’t trip or get entangled, you can opt for the replacement power cords as there are long power cords available. In addition, the users can switch to the extension cord if changing the power cord sounds too frustrating. When you use the extension cord, make sure that the electrical rating must be equal to the Elite Cuisine egg cooker’s electrical rating.

Not to forget, you must arrange the extension cord to ensure it doesn’t drape all over the tabletop or countertop, so you don’t trip. In addition, the longer wires and extension cords must be arranged to ensure they are out of the reach of pets and kids.

2) The Light Doesn’t Switch On

The egg cooker’s light has to switch on when you are making eggs to ensure it’s working and is functioning fine. That being said, if the light isn’t switching on, check the power cord and connect it to the power outlet properly. This is because sometimes, people forget to plug in the power cords and then complain about the light issues.


The second option is to check the power source and ensure that it is transmitting the electrical signals properly. The users have can check the functionality of the power source by plugging in a different device or just test the egg cooker with a different power source. In addition to checking the power source, the users must switch on the power button (people really forget to press this button).

Lastly, when it comes down to the light not switching on, on the egg cooker, there are chances that the power failure has occurred at your place. You can check the electricity board in your space and check if the power failure has occurred. If the power failure has occurred, you must call the electricity supplier as they can provide notification about the power issues.

3) Unevenly Cooked Eggs

When we talk about unevenly cooked eggs, it can include overcooking as well as undercooking.


The manual is designed with the “using the egg cooker,” so you’ve to check that part and determine the right amount of water to add to the egg cooker to ensure the eggs come out as you want. In addition to the amount of water, don’t forget to set the correct cooking time.

We are saying this because the cooking time is different for hard boiling, soft boiling, and medium boiling. You can easily check the cooking time from the manual. Also, while you are determining the correct amount of water and cooking time, ensure that you only use cold eggs because eggs at room temperature don’t cook well.

Elite Cuisine Egg cookers are amazing but there are some common issues involved with them. The troubleshooting methods must fix the prospective issues but you can always process the warranty claim (if the egg cooker is still in warranty, by the way). The users can call customer support for assistance. However, the customer care agent is likely to tell you troubleshooting methods before they authorize the claim or offer replacement.

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