4 Ways To Fix Electric Stove Sparked And Stopped Working

electric stove sparked and stopped working
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electric stove sparked and stopped working

Electric stoves have become a preferred choice for everyone who wants convenient functionality. This is because, with an electric stove, you only need to turn the knob, and the self-contained coils will create a spark to flame up the burner. With these stoves, you will see a slight spark, but these stoves are equally sensitive (they aren’t durable and need regular battery changes). Similarly, many users complain about electric stoves being sparked and stopped working, and we are sharing the troubleshooting methods with you!

How to Fix Electric Stove Sparked And Stopped Working?

1. Spark Issue

Sparking the electric stove is a dangerous matter, even if it’s convenient. This is because the stove works at a higher voltage, and even the smallest sparks can be powerful. So, when you are working on the troubleshooting, make sure that you are wearing an oven mitt and has a sheet pan to ensure the fire is contained if it happens. So, now that we have made you aware of the safety measures, let’s have a look at the solutions.

2. Burner Connections

Before we talk about the solution, let us tell you that you shouldn’t work on repairs if you don’t have technical expertise with electronic appliances. Coming back to our point, the burner coils are connected with two terminals to a stove. The terminals allow the safe flow of electricity to the burner coils to create heat. For this purpose, the terminals need to be tightly connected to the outlets. So, check the connection and see if it has loosened up.

When these connections become loose, the burners will start sparking due to higher resistance. In simpler words, it is a chain of issues and can lead to disastrous effects if not handled on time. That being said, check the connections and tighten them if you find them loose. Again, make sure you are safe because you will be working with electric systems.

3. Wiring

Electric stoves are designed with thorough wiring systems that connect electricity to the burners. These wires are generally insulated and are installed away on the stove’s underside to ensure safe operations. However, the insulation will burn over the course of time, and wiring will be damaged. When insulation is damaged or burnt, it will result in sparking. So, disconnect your stove, turn it upside down, and see if the wires have become frayed or discolored. If that’s the case, the wiring has to be replaced. Not to forget, if damage has extended to the burner connectors, they will need a replacement as well.

4. Coils

The burner coils of the electric stove are designed to take on wear and tear for several years. However, there are exceptions when coils break down and don’t retain for years. In particular, the coils get burned when they are roughly used with pans and pots or if they are used too much. In such cases, you will be able to see blisters and cracks. So, get the coils replaced, and the electric stove’s functionality will be streamlined.

So, try out these solutions and get the stove back on track!

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