Egg Pricker Substitute: How To Blow Out An Egg Without An Egg Pricker?

egg pricker substitute
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egg pricker substitute

Are you sick of ruining the breakfast every now and then? This small gadget can save the day. An egg pricker or piercer pricks the eggshell to prevent cracking during boiling. It means you will save some extra cash spent on cracked eggs.

The terrible mess from a cracked egg is a real headache. Besides saving an egg from getting cracked, an egg pricker helps blow off eggs. When you prick the egg from both sides, the egg blows out. It will save the eggshell which is useful for creating crafts.

Paint the shell according to the event. So, it is a useful little gadget that will make your life easy without you noticing. If you don’t have it in the kitchen, then you can find some egg pricker substitutes over here.

These are easy to use, and you just have to push the egg on the pad. The little needle will gently prick the egg. Then, boil the egg according to your liking. An egg pricker must have a good safety lock to prevent accidental finger pricks.

Furthermore, it prevents the needle from unwanted damage. Thus, overall, it helps you serve the perfect boiled egg with toast full of butter. It is your choice to serve with the shells on or peel off completely.

Egg Pricker Substitute

There is no alternate device to an egg pricker. However, we have listed down some ways to replicate its benefits.

How to blow out an egg without an egg pricker?

If your goal is to blow out the egg, then you will need to make holes. You can use a skewer, pin or needle, toothpick, nail, or a knife. Make a small hole on the smaller end and a larger hole on the broader end. You can use any of the aforementioned items to fulfill this task.

The next step would be to break the yolk membranes using the pin or toothpick etc. If you want to be extra careful, cover the egg with scotch tape to prevent it from breaking.

Then comes the hardest part. Blow inside the egg through the mouth. A better option would be a syringe or a straw to blow into the egg.

How to prevent an egg from cracking without an egg pricker?

If you have had a hard time boiling eggs to perfection, sit back. Those days are over. Follow these tips to prevent the egg from cracking even without an egg pricker. An egg pricker is a handy tool in this regard but some home fixes can do the trick too.

  1. First things first. Make sure that the eggs are not refrigerator cold. When you boil eggs this way, the gases in the shell expand and can crack the shell. It will reduce the chances of an egg cracking.
  2. Prick one end of the egg using a pin, toothpick, or nail. This allows the air bubbles to escape the egg before boiling.
  3. It is advisable to use tap water instead of warm. Slowly raising the temperature to the boiling limit is a better choice.
  4. Do not drop them off from a height in the pan.
  5. A cool tip is to add a small amount of vinegar before boiling the egg. This does not directly stop eggs from cracking. However, if a crack occurs, the proteins inside the egg will plug off the leak quickly. You can also add vinegar as soon as you notice a crack. Make sure to use it in reasonable quantities.
  6. A pinch of salt will also work like vinegar.

You should not undermine the impact of an egg pricker. However, if you can fulfill the task by using a pin or needle, then why worry? Replace the need for an egg pricker through a homemade fix and enjoy your daily dose of proteins.

Oftentimes, we do not consider small items important. However, small additions in our daily living can save tons of time. An egg pricker can stop ruining your breakfast and ultimately your whole day. It is advisable to get this cute gadget. However, if you need to instantly, you could try out some easy fixes using our guide. Be cautious while following any of the tips to get the proper result. 

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